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"between... [Read More]
I love Elvis One of the greatest gifts given to me by my Mom was my 16th Birthday in 1974 She purchased 10 tickets at... [Read More]
I did get the Z but missed the E by 1 number, sign me up for the next game Jen and Congratulations to whoever wins! [Read More]
Hi Everyone, A very nice day, got to be outside, good for the body and spirit ! Here are the last set of numbers >... [Read More]
Many miles to go before we rest! Go House! Go Southern District! Go State of New York! And all others heading up investigations! Country over... [Read More]
Oh My Ponzi Market Crashes Again Down 500 Yield curves on bonds have been flat for a good while, that is a yellow light. Friday... [Read More]
Here we go.... [Read More]
BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS AND TERMS: The core mission of the DCCC is electing House Democrats, which includes supporting and protecting incumbents. To... [Read More]
House Democratic Leadership Warns It Will Cut Off Any Firms That Challenge Incumbents The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee warned... [Read More]
if there were a god that cared about the world, and actually acted in the best long term interests of the world - there's no... [Read More]
I'm Still Very Happy I Keep My Secure Lifetime Monthly Pension Payments in a Guaranteed Lifetime Monthly Annuity Payment & Away From This Retirement... [Read More]
Excuse me...... [Read More]
"It was announced today by the U.S. Treasury that additional large scale Sanctions would be added to those already existing Sanctions on North... [Read More]
Netanyahu is a tyrant and a far-right extremist that has an ally in donald is putting his thumb on the scale. Meanwhile Jared is... [Read More]
I don't think Arabs care. Syria cares, but Syria has its hands full. Russia and Turkey and Iran are screaming holy hell. Not Arabs. I... [Read More]
wrote: Be still my heart. ❤️ So good to see strong people in the world. Not exactly related, but I'm taking bystander intervention training next... [Read More]
The national deficit continues to grow unabated. Here is a graph that depicts the deficit overtime: Are the RW smarter than 5th graders? Will they... [Read More]
Section. 8. The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common... [Read More]
I haved a question for the posters here. Does anyone here believes that Israel is more secure once this issue is resolved in the manner... [Read More]
Are you looking for a business with the least amount of stress and hassle? We definitely don't need any extra stress at our age. No... [Read More]
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