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Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy on Wednesday unveiled his proposal to balance the state's budget without new taxes and without a reduction to the Permanent Fund... [Read More]
During the federal government's last public hearing in Alaska before oil leasing is allowed in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge on Feb. 11, some 50... [Read More]
Pacific cod fishermen in the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands, one of the last remaining unrationalized federal fisheries in Alaska, may finally have to cross... [Read More]
Starting next month, cannabis business owners in Alaska will have access to financial services for the first time. [Read More]
Rep. Gary Knopp's fellow Republicans appealed to party loyalty and pragmatism as they attempted to convince him to break his month-long holdout that has prevented... [Read More]
Sen. Lisa Murkowski was happy to talk with reporters after shepherding the first omnibus lands bill package through the Senate in years with overwhelming support. [Read More]
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It's going to be a big growth year for U.S. exports of liquefied natural gas, with three more terminals set to start operations in 2019... [Read More]
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University of Alaska President Jim Johnsen is preparing for the worst when Gov. Michael J. Dunleavy releases his budget plan Feb. 13. [Read More]
Small electronic beacons that are being widely used by increasing numbers of fishermen could net them big fines. [Read More]
Tony Drabek was appointed to the Koniag Inc. board of directors. Drabek was the president and CEO of Natives of Kodiak for more than a... [Read More]
The Alaska Gasline Development Corp. has added to the list of information it will not submit to federal regulators until this summer, but there has... [Read More]
After years of hearing concerns from fishermen about the prevalence of "chalky" Pacific halibut, the International Pacific Halibut Commission is planning to gather information for... [Read More]
One promise I made to Alaskans was to present you with a permanent fiscal plan, one where we tackle our economic challenges and start bringing... [Read More]
Repealing Medicaid expansion would pull more than a half-billion dollars out of Alaska's economy and likely extend what is already the longest recession in the... [Read More]
Republican Gov. Mike Dunleavy is moving to fire the chairman of the commission that oversees oil and gas operations in Alaska, accusing him of five... [Read More]
Billy Reynolds is often short on words but long on hard work. [Read More]
A pair of Alaska Native organizations and a multinational industrial technology firm believe they can find the missing link to the natural gas supply chain... [Read More]
For most communities with waterfront, erosion is not a future problem. It's a daily issue for planners, businesses and residents with approaches differing by community. [Read More]
State gasline officials have picked their plan to reroute a highway around the site for the massive LNG plant they hope to construct, but now... [Read More]
With the aid of stabilized oil prices, North Slope operators are ramping up activity on prospects in all stages of development. [Read More]
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