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Sadists find each other. Trump's best friend, Roy Cohn, was Joe McCarthy's hit man in the Senate Un American Hearings, and later represented New York... [Read More]
As a long time resident of Southeastern Arizona I have had the opportunity to meet personally with many of my Congressional Representatives — Jim McNulty,... [Read More]
Re: the Oct. 13 article "$1.4M grant pairs police, counselors to help addicts." [Read More]
If people are interested in "following the money" in politics then we need to hold our elected officials accountable as to who is monetarily supporting... [Read More]
Rep. McSally seems not to be concerned about issues important to her constituents. During the 2016 election she only agreed to one debate, and it... [Read More]
We need a representative who truly cares about our state. Wendy Rogers is that person! I met Wendy in Show Low last weekend and was... [Read More]
I am amazed at the naiveté exhibited by supporters of Proposition 127 regarding the solar industry. These supporters are quick to accuse electric utilities of... [Read More]
It's good to know that you support a Flagstaff resident for the CD 2 Congressional seat. Lea Martinez Peterson is a local resident and a... [Read More]
The local PBS station did not televise the only debate between Martha McSally and Kyrsten Sinema. Did they think voters here are not interested in... [Read More]
I found it sad that our local PBS station channel 6 did not carry the debate between McSally and Sinema. Do they not think we... [Read More]
Regarding the Oct. 4th, 2018 AZ Daily Star article titled "Despite myths of race and skin color, they still influence opportunity," I wanted to note... [Read More]
The most extremist, radical leader of a country in history, since Josef Stalin, has managed to rile up the un- and under-educated banana eaters, who... [Read More]
Who knew the "bully pulpit" should someday be possessed by a real bully? The most embarrassing person ever to dare call himself president, stated repeatedly,... [Read More]
I wonder when a candidate uses negative ads over and over and over and tries to finish character and dignity they should be rejected This... [Read More]
When a hurricane was rushing toward Mexico Beach, Florida, the National Weather Service predicted its arrival, local officials issued warnings, and so did the news... [Read More]
My heart goes out to those poor people who are FORCED to watch television, as Trump claimed in his Tweet yesterday. How awful that situation... [Read More]
When Martha McSally announced her Senate candidacy, I thought Arizona would be represented by two respected war veterans with the courage to value integrity over... [Read More]
I have lived in Tucson for more than 40 years, having moved here after growing up in Scottsdale. Upon moving here, I was struck by... [Read More]
It is deflating, to say the least, to find that virtually all my efforts of the past years to be ecologically forward thinking were wasted.... [Read More]
The Star's Editorial Board closed out their endorsement of Ann Kirkpatrick with, "We have some advice for Ann Kirkpatrick: Do your homework on Southern Arizona."... [Read More]
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