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State is "rightly concerned with the health and welfare" of Californians, panel writes. [Read More]
GSuite customers will get the boot first—consumer shutdown comes later. [Read More]
New trailer showcases different directors, casts, and countries for each episode. [Read More]
Tags: Asian - Folklore - HBO
Last year, a man bought, pointed it to Lawfare. ASOS didn't like that. [Read More]
The education sales pitch: Teams, Windows 10 in S Mode, and cheap hardware. [Read More]
Or an Amazon Fire HD 8 for $50. Plus deals on the Nvidia Shield TV and more. [Read More]
Arizona bill would make online porn viewers pay for border wall with Mexico. [Read More]
Tags: Trump - Ariz - Arizona
There isn't one stool to rule them all, but some are clearly better than others. [Read More]
Concentrations of a key aromatic compound fall dramatically over three months. [Read More]
Classic terror (and fetch quests), remade just enough for a new generation. [Read More]
Ran malware on own phones as test, uploading all their WhatsApp messages, other data. [Read More]
Porsche set a new record in 2018 with a hybrid, now VW is gunning for it with an EV. [Read More]
Tags: ID R - VW - Nürbugring
On twitter, your words are predictable using the words of your network. [Read More]
Tags: Social - media - words
Lawsuit: stray scooters "have…caused Plaintiffs to use the sidewalks less often." [Read More]
George RR Martin's departure reminds us of an early Web blogging giant greatly changed. [Read More]
New joint venture would produce much higher-capacity batteries, Nikkei says. [Read More]
The entrepreneur says he can tunnel Blue Mountains for $15 million per kilometer. [Read More]
Weekend Donkey Kong 64 marathon serves as a gathering place for much more. [Read More]
CNIL agrees with complaints brought by activists: user consent is insufficient. [Read More]
Tags: Google - GDPR - France
Recharging is a significant cost for electric scooter and bike companies. [Read More]
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