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Dozens gathered together to remember a Decatur man who was killed almost a month ago in DeKalb County. [Read More]
Investigators said a man's son discovered his father brutally shot in the head and his car crashed into an apartment building after he left his... [Read More]
A Georgia family received criticism for letting their son wear a shirt that says "FNN" and "Fake News Network" on a school trip to CNN's... [Read More]
Airiyuanna Burston, 21, died in DeKalb County after being shot in the back inside a Jeep on I-20. [Read More]
Discover DeKalb Convention & Visitors Bureau has recently received two 2017 MarCom Awards. [Read More]
DeKalb County Tax Commissioner Irvin J. [Read More]
Crews are working on putting out a massive apartment fire in DeKalb County. [Read More]
The apartments are located at 3554 Shallowford Road. [Read More]
The fire started at an apartment complex in the 3600 block of Shallowford Road. [Read More]
Crews are on the scene of a fire at an abandoned apartment complex in DeKalb County. [Read More]
DeKalb County Police said they are trying to piece together the event which led to officers discovering a body in the middle of a road... [Read More]
A longtime DeKalb County Chinese restaurant has failed a health inspection. [Read More]
Two people, including a 4-month-old, were critically injured after a collision in DeKalb County, po... [Read More]
A DeKalb County accountant was arrested Wednesday on charges of insurance fraud for allegedly taking out life insurance policies on 19 elderly customers. [Read More]
A DeKalb County accountant is accused of falsifying multiple life insurance applications and collecting over $11,000 in death benefits. [Read More]
Agencies like Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, Chamblee and DeKalb County police, along with Georgia State Patrol were involved. [Read More]
A proposed ordinance in DeKalb County would force certain bars and restaurants who serve alcohol to move ahead their cut-off time. ... [Read More]
Dekalb passes a no-kill resolution for their animal shelters. [Read More]
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