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(Family Features) When temperatures drop, humans know to bundle up and avoid excess time outdoors. The same approach should be taken when it comes to... [Read More]
January has been a good month for streamers everywhere, with major movies having arrived for holiday viewing and new original content creating stirs on social... [Read More]
Famous film critic Roger Ebert once remembered that his reviews of films would often be the topic of debate in his office, and his peers... [Read More]
"My BGSU experience has taught me that I am capable," said Harper Smith, a University student when asked what she had learned about herself in... [Read More]
The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is releasing a phone-friendly app that allow students and families applying for college to fill out their forms... [Read More]
Around 175 employers will be visiting the Perry Field House for the 2018 Fall EXPO Job and Internship Fair on Tuesday. [Read More]
Forgive me, we haven't formally met. My name is Miah Paloma. You were probably wondering where I came from, but before I get into that... [Read More]
For city business managers, compromise and lost opportunities are facts of life, but for Mary Hinkelman, the soon-to-be Bowling Green Board of Trustees Executive Director,... [Read More]
Bowling Green is a city with many preserved old buildings, but many others are subject to threats of development. However, the threats may be stopped... [Read More]
I have the worst sense of direction of anyone I have ever met. Think about what it means to have a really bad sense of... [Read More]
The 70th Primetime Emmy Awards took place this past Monday with little out of the ordinary. That is, aside from Donald Glover bringing a TV... [Read More]
The men's soccer team lost 2-0 to the Cleveland State Vikings Tuesday night. The first 70 minutes of the match, the score was all zeros,... [Read More]
Over the opening weeks of the 2018 season, the Falcon football team had a glaring problem on defense: they can't stop the run. [Read More]
The newest BGSU communication students have their 15 seconds of fame during the first-year student BG Falcon Media event. They talk about their ambitions for... [Read More]
Late last week, a seismic shock struck fans of the DC Extended Universe when a report broke that Henry Cavill would not be returning to... [Read More]
With the reactions to hit Netflix movies "To All the Boys I've Loved Before" and "Sierra Burgess is a Loser," a commonality of preference can... [Read More]
Technology is always advancing and ever-changing, especially at a university where students are so dependent upon it. John Ellinger, chief information officer at the University,... [Read More]
A large orange sign at the edge of the University's Union Oval read, "Warning: Abortion Victim Photos Ahead." The sign, like others spotting central campus,... [Read More]
In order to better serve survivors and open doors for better prevention methods for sexual assault, the University has opened its doors to a Violence... [Read More]
The University's Undergraduate Student Government gathered at the McFall Gallery Monday to make policy decisions and plan for the future. [Read More]
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