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Olga Peters of WKVT1490AM and Melanie Winters of the Brattleboro Reformer break down the news stories of the day.  ... [Read More]
Less than a day after President Donald Trump nominated federal judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, it's too soon to know what kind of... [Read More]
Editor of the Reformer:Each Christmas my wife and I send two of our children for a 'weekend get-a-way' as a respite from their 7, 6,... [Read More]
Editor of the Reformer:We're fortunate in Dummerston, Putney and Westminster to have Mike Mrowicki seeking his 6th term in the legislature.Mike has his priorities right... [Read More]
Editor of the Reformer:The Reformer's June 6, 2018 Editorial Opinion, 'Act 46's second act' states three false facts.The first fallacy declared is, '[t]he state is... [Read More]
Editor of the Reformer,I am writing to express my support for Emilie Kornheiser's candidacy for State Representative. I've lived in Vermont for 27 years, and... [Read More]
The Vermont State Employees Association and the state agreed Thursday go to mediation to resolve a protracted battle over the terms of the next contract... [Read More]
One hundred and three. That's the number of small children a federal judge ordered the federal government to reunite with their migrant parents by Tuesday.... [Read More]
A public beach on Lake Raponda was temporarily closed for the second time this year. 'Historically, we generally haven't really gotten out of the single... [Read More]
In the United States, a country where Cabinet members now resign with great regularity, the departures of David Davis, the British cabinet minister responsible for... [Read More]
With a major paving project on the horizon for downtown Bennington, state and local organizations are working together to make sure that the road work... [Read More]
A Georgia friend shared an opinion piece written by Dick Yarbrough in the Eatonton Messenger on June 14th. Eatonton is about 45 miles southeast of... [Read More]
Members of the Hunger Council of the Windham Region are interested in finding local kitchen space to offer healthy, processed foods to vulnerable populations.'It's a... [Read More]
Everyone is excited about summer! Vacations are scheduled, kids are glad to be out of school, and the warm weather means life gets a little... [Read More]
Harlow's Sugar House on U.S. Route 5 has reopened after two years. In February, Todd, Brian and Frank Harlow, great-great-nephews of the farm's founder, joined... [Read More]
The issue of consolidation between the village of Bellows Falls and the town of Rockingham was last laid to rest five years ago, but there... [Read More]
It's time for the final installment of this series exploring computer fraud. We examined three criminal approaches to haunting cyber neighborhoods: phishing, clones, and social... [Read More]
The following is a letter sent to members of United Nurses and Allied Professionals (UNAP) Local 5086 regarding a commentary by Meghan Baston, chief nursing... [Read More]
'We travel no faster in cities than we used to with the horse and buggy.' This sentiment from urban planner Jeff Fleck gets right to... [Read More]
I believe that there are times in our lives when messengers are sent to us. It may not be obvious to us that they are... [Read More]
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