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Wednesday, July 18, 2018
The proposed Pebble mine poses fundamental and unacceptable risks to the salmon fisheries of the Bristol Bay region and the economic and subsistence benefits those... [Read More]
The boat lost power, drifted on the current and got caught between two much larger ships, where it sank. [Read More]
In a year when Alaskans around the state are left on the shores of closed rivers waiting and hoping for salmon, Bristol Bay is yet... [Read More]
by Mary Catharine Martin Triston Chaney, a 19-year-old college student raised in Dillingham, knew before this year that he loved fly fishing. What he didn't... [Read More]
Sockeye salmon catches often add up to half of the value of Alaska's total salmon fishery, and the so-called reds dominate the season's early fisheries... [Read More]
Fishery scientists suspect the downturns are due to the warmest sea-surface temperatures ever recorded running from 2014-2016. [Read More]
Fiberglass is becoming scarce and there are few, if any, working wood vessels. [Read More]
Offering news of the people, places and events of Homer and the lower Kenai Peninsula... [Read More]
The Nushugak District in Bristol Bay is experiencing an all-time record harvest of sockeye salmon as other districts across Alaska suffer poor returns. [Read More]
The Pebble Limited Partnership wants to develop a copper and gold mine near a major salmon fishery in Alaska's Bristol Bay region. [Read More]
Bristol Bay Native Corp. announced June 26 that it has sold off a majority interest in a large group of its subsidiaries, but not only... [Read More]
"We're the fishermen harvesting the fish, selling the fish at an integrated level. [Read More]
College kids from the Lower 48, foreign workers with green cards and corporate executives will all be impacted by the housewife who decides whether to... [Read More]
A connection with a former police officer, who has advocated for the release of her father's killer, brought Antoinette Jones-Fields to Bristol Bay. [Read More]
The Army Corps of Engineers is doing an environmental study on proposed location of a giant mine near Alaska's Bristol Bay, cheek-by-jowl with the world's... [Read More]
Bristol Bay Industrial Fuels LLC has selected Sean P. Thomas, PMP, RES, as senior vice president, chief operating officer. He will assume oversight of Bristol... [Read More]
Critics of the project, which is located in Alaska's Bristol Bay region, hailed news of the fizzled deal. Bristol Bay produces about half of the... [Read More]
In a turnaround from their December agreement, Canadian mining giant First Quantum Minerals pulled out of the proposed partnership to enter Bristol Bay's hotly-contested development... [Read More]
Description:A Full-time Environmental Health Manager is needed in Rural Alaska. The Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation is located in Dillingham, Alaska on the shores of... [Read More]
For the past decade, Joe Echo-Hawk and Levi Gill have spent their summers thigh-deep in the brackish waters of Bristol Bay in Alaska, pulling up... [Read More]
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