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A West Virginia teacher has been charged after students told authorities he had inappropriate contact with another student. The Intelligencer reports 42-year-old Timothy T. Turner... [Read More]
According to authorities, Brooke County middle school teacher Timothy Turner is out of police custody after being released on a $50,000 surety bond. [Read More]
On Wednesday, the Brooke County Sheriff's Office arrested Timothy Turner, a current teacher at Brooke County Schools. [Read More]
In just days students will get their first look at a brand new state of the art Middle School in Brooke County. [Read More]
In just days students will get their first look at a brand new state of the art Middle School in Brooke County.Today school officials cut... [Read More]
There was one school day in Brooke County each month where everyone chose hot lunch: Creamed Turkey Day. [Read More]
Residents in Brooke County and West Liberty will now have two choices on the ballot for represents their district in West Virginia's House of Delegates. [Read More]
A sheriff's deputy from West Virginia is recovering after fighting with a suspect who she said was "gooned up on an unknown drug." Kristen Richmond... [Read More]
Brooke County Sheriff's Department Chief Deputy Rich Arthurs confirmed K9 Deputy Kristen Richmond is doing well after being attacked on duty early Friday morning. [Read More]
Kristen Richmond had no back up when she got into a brawl with a young man 'gooned up on an unknown drug' in Brooke County,... [Read More]
A female West Virginia sheriff's deputy is lucky to be alive after a violent fight with a suspect who was allegedly high on drugs. She... [Read More]
Southwestern Energy invested in first responding agencies in Brooke County that keep their sites and the community safe. [Read More]
Brooke County Commissioner Tim Ennis has left the Valley and he's headed to Music City. [Read More]
A concerned Brooke County truck driver said trees hanging over the road are damaging cars and trucks, and becoming a major safety hazard. [Read More]
The Brooke County Sheriff's Department is inspecting a fatal accident in Brooke County. [Read More]
A Brooke County woman has been convicted of presenting false claims under medical programs. [Read More]
If you're driving up Route 2 and confused about the pile of furniture near Follansbee Middle School's dumpsters, we've got an answer for you. [Read More]
UPDATE:... [Read More]
Brooke County's Teen Court Program began training its next group of volunteers on Wednesday evening, before they hear the cases of their peers. [Read More]
In Brooke County, dozens of community members, local officials, and veterans gathered to remember those who lost their lives while serving. [Read More]
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