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On this week's Technicolor Jesus, Matt and Adam talk about deterrence, peace, kingship, and Stanley Kubrick's 1964 masterpiece. [Read More]
Sunday's Coming Premium is the Christian Century's new paid-subscription email newsletter—with even more highlights from the Century's collection of writing related to the week's lectionary... [Read More]
To bridge our country's divides, we need deep emotion rooted in moral complexity—not jokey white-bro solidarity. [Read More]
It depends. [Read More]
The Redeemed Christian Church of God has 5 million members—66 years after it began. [Read More]
How did Yemen arrive at this point? [Read More]
Tags: Yemen - Crisis - shaped
Is it man or humanity? Ark or chest? [Read More]
"Churches are places of high trust—and high risk." [Read More]
11 pastors and theologians weigh in... [Read More]
What does it mean to own something, like a winter coat? [Read More]
Tags: way - give - own
"We're going to do what it takes," says co-pastor Gloria White-Hammond, "to be our sister's keeper." [Read More]
J. Edgar Hoover's influence was even farther reaching than we know. [Read More]
The German pastor opposed Hitler—eventually. [Read More]
"The history of a church," one member wrote in an old scrapbook I found, is "an unfolding pageant of life." [Read More]
In 1961, Margaret Flory started a new kind of mission program. [Read More]
Matt and Adam invite Laurel Koepf Taylor to talk children, ministry, and the new Fred Rogers documentary Won't You Be My Neighbor? [Read More]
Standing at the graveside with the last lingering family members, time seems thick. [Read More]
The Holocaust survivor's response to suffering was to create joyful children's books. [Read More]
Our old, clerical ways cannot be redeemed. [Read More]
Muslims have become a totem in the culture war. But we have our own ideas. [Read More]
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