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While it's an uncertain prospect, there's a good case for giving Alita: Battle Angel another crack at the franchise box office. [Read More]
Captain America's lost love has been referenced a few times in the setup for Endgame, so what's going on there? [Read More]
The Captain Marvel train keeps rolling along. [Read More]
If you're looking for some of the best and most versatile Star Wars memes, you've come to the right place. [Read More]
New Stranger Things content has finally begun to release, and images of Season 3 reveal a touching detail about Eleven. [Read More]
The big Empire death is confirmed to be a Lyon, which raises the question: which one is biting the dust? [Read More]
The show's creator gave some explanation behind that wild ending. [Read More]
The scandal surrounding Empire actor Jussie Smollett thrust the show into the limelight for the wrong reasons, and co-creator Lee Daniels weighed in on it. [Read More]
Superhero costumes may look cool, but they can never seem to make the things even remotely comfortable. [Read More]
Mona and Alison are back in action! [Read More]
Jenny McCarthy shared some not-so-fond memories of her time working with Barbara Walters on The View. [Read More]
It's time we elevate the movie-going experience. [Read More]
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Fans were FURIOUS with Randall for that voicemail, and it could've been even worse. [Read More]
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Is Jordan Peele's Get Out follow-up a sophomore slump or does the writer-director go 2 for 2? Read on to find out. [Read More]
Get your air guitars ready! [Read More]
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Black Lightning made a pretty big mention that may be a clue towards an Arrow-verse connection. [Read More]
The latest episode of The Rookie delivered a twist that few could have seen coming, and the showrunner explained why it happened. [Read More]
Miley Cyrus announces that she's here and she's queer as the actress/musician hypes up her involvement in Woodstock 2019 au naturel. [Read More]
It didn't take long for fans to pick apart the Toy Story 4 trailer for potential easter eggs. [Read More]
It's really not looking good for the future of the DC Extended Universe. [Read More]
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