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One winning ticket was sold by the New Hampshire Lottery in Saturday night's Powerball drawing. The lucky winner will claim a jackpot worth $559,700,000. [Read More]
The state of Maine is in the midst of an identity crisis. Known as America's "Vacationland" since a 1930s branding effort, the New England enclave... [Read More]
Police are investigating a man who allegedly shot and killed his 70-year-old mother in the intesive care unit of a New Hampshire hospital. [Read More]
The Columbia Fire Department's Fire Marshal division has added an accelerant-sniffing dog that can detect chemicals commonly used to start fires.Izzo, a 1-year-old male Golden... [Read More]
What is State Authorization? The United States Department of Education requires all institutions of higher education to seek authorization in every state and territory in... [Read More]
With 197 lawmakers, Missouri has the seventh largest legislature in the country. New Hampshire has the largest with 424 legislators, and Nebraska has the smallest... [Read More]
Have you purchased milk in California from 2003 to the present? We're willing to bet the answer is yes — and if so, you could be owed... [Read More]
Have you purchased milk in Wisconsin from 2003 to the present? We're willing to bet the answer is YES - and if so, you could... [Read More]
The final settlement covers indirect buyers of disk drives in Washington D.C. and Arizona, California, District of Columbia, Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota,... [Read More]
Another slew of polls has closed at 9 p.m., and Trump and Clinton are running even in several key states: Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, and Michigan.... [Read More]
Mizzou clinched 23 wins at the Big Green Invitational in New Hampshire, and Amina Ismail went undefeated in both singles and doubles. [Read More]
COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) — The silver cigarette lighter from 1952 was smothered in bubble wrap and tucked in a small box postmarked Gilford, New Hampshire,... [Read More]
The class includes all consumers who from 2003 to present purchased cream, half & half, yogurt, cottage cheese or sour cream in California, Kansas, Massachusetts,... [Read More]
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In a small town just south of New Hampshire's capital, General Electric runs two plants filled with workers building jet engines for the world's leading... [Read More]
Humana Military and Health Net Federal Services are the big winners in the bid for Tricare contracts worth potentially $57 billion to manage the military... [Read More]
All polls in New Hampshire are expected to close by 8 p.m. local time. [Read More]
At stake are the political fates of Donald Trump's candidacy, governors, senators and a pair of political dynasties. [Read More]
As memories of Iowa fade and New Hampshire lurks just over the horizon, the leading candidates among both Republicans and Democrats battle feverishly for philosophical... [Read More]
In Iowa, Ted Cruz handed The Donald his head and Bernie overcame a 40-point disadvantage to finish in a dead heat with Hillary Clinton. New... [Read More]
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