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President Donald Trump told his attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about his efforts during the 2016 campaign to move forward on a Moscow... [Read More]
As the federal-government shutdown is about to enter its fifth week, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's letter to President Donald Trump asking him to postpone... [Read More]
Half a world away, crowds of heroic protesters are in the streets. They shout ''Peaceful, peaceful'' even as security forces target them with live ammunition.They... [Read More]
Columbus Dispatch Washington D.C. bureau reporters Jack Tory and Jessica Wehrman discuss the latest news in the government shutdown. We further discuss how President Donald... [Read More]
Rep. Mike Turner said Thursday that President Donald Trump's proposal to expand missile defense through space sensors is "essential" to help the United States shoot... [Read More]
President Donald Trump is surrounded by "amateurs, grifters, weaklings, convicted and unconvicted felons" and also believes long ties are slimming, according to former New Jersey... [Read More]
"In the current environment, the American people have to know that there are places in the government where the rule of law, not politics, holds... [Read More]
Rep. Marcy Kaptur assailed President Donald Trump for contributing to the deaths of three American soldiers by an Islamic State suicide bomber in Syria, charging... [Read More]
While Ohio Democrats were largely mum on whether President Donald Trump's Stand of the Union address should be delayed, Buckeye State Republicans made it clear:... [Read More]
WASHINGTON — Andrew Wheeler, nominated by President Donald Trump to head the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, told a Senate panel he considers himself "a conservationist" and... [Read More]
William Barr, President Donald Trump's nominee for attorney general, assured senators at his confirmation hearing Tuesday that he will permit the special counsel, Robert Mueller,... [Read More]
Tuesday brought Day 25 of the partial government shutdown, the longest such stoppage on record. Blame President Donald Trump and congressional Democrats for choosing stubbornness... [Read More]
WASHINGTON — Sen. Rob Portman expressed hope Tuesday that he and a small group of senators can forge a compromise that would be acceptable to President... [Read More]
Rep. Bill Johnson has an idea for how best to use President Donald Trump's State of the Union Address: For some good, old-fashioned deal making.In... [Read More]
WASHINGTON — Even as President Donald Trump is consumed by his standoff with Democrats over the border and the government shutdown, a potentially larger battle looms... [Read More]
Ignore President Donald Trump's fake claim of a "growing security crisis" on our southern border.His fearmongering only distracts Americans from our real security crisis: a... [Read More]
For all his talk about a supposed national-security crisis on the border with Mexico, President Donald Trump is ignoring the potential crisis the federal shutdown... [Read More]
President Donald Trump has declared his intent to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria. He also should bring our troops home from Somalia's quagmire and stop... [Read More]
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