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Anthony Montana of Warren is being elected into the Ohio High School Athletic Association Officials Hall of Fame. He's one of 14 officials from... [Read More]
National Republicans and political analysts increasingly are signaling that they do not consider the U.S. Senate race between Democrat Sherrod Brown and Republican Jim Renacci... [Read More]
The Aug. 2 Dispatch article "Political change starts in library basement" described a seemingly unlikely place for a revolution to begin against unlimited and hidden... [Read More]
After being terminally ill for months or perhaps years, should you have the right to say, "I've had enough. It's time to die?" Not only... [Read More]
After being terminally ill for months or perhaps years, should you have the right to say, "I've had enough. It's time to die?" Not only... [Read More]
Last Saturday, two middle-aged men from the Columbus, Ohio area gained national attention — a classic 15 minutes of fame in the Andy Warhol sense... [Read More]
Bison run faster than humans, I thought on my morning jog, as I panted down the slope.They weigh more too - about 1,400 pounds. One... [Read More]
A teenaged T-Rex about to chomp on the triceratops pinned under its foot will be the focal point of the redesigned Fossil Hall when it... [Read More]
The reasons why patriotic Americans should worry about the president's two upcoming summits — with NATO leaders and then with Vladimir Putin — were on... [Read More]
The Trump administration shot itself in the foot by withdrawing from the Human Rights Council of the United Nations. Our withdrawal sends a signal that... [Read More]
President Donald Trump defended Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan against accusations he knew of sexual abuse by an Ohio State doctor and didn't reveal it."I don't... [Read More]
Coal has driven Wyoming's economy for decades — the state sits on a rich abundance of coal reserves . But the world is slowly moving... [Read More]
Two years after welcoming a new owner, Max & Erma's continues to shrink.The Columbus-founded chain, now owned by Montana-based Glacier Restaurant Group, once had more... [Read More]
The Michigan Wolverines are still dancing in the NCAA men's basketball tournament. In the opening round, UM beat Montana 61-47 Thursday night in Wichita, Kansas.... [Read More]
Gov. John Kasich joined a democratic and an independent governor at a press conference in Washington to push for healthcare reform. Kasich, along with Colorado... [Read More]
This week, Montana and New York made moves to counter the federal repeal of net neutrality that the Federal Communications Commission enacted last month. And... [Read More]
Students from an Ohio middle school and a student from the Northern Cheyenne Nation in Montana recently appeared before the Akron City Council in Ohio... [Read More]
A Montana-based Mongolian BBQ restaurant is getting some attention with a new video promoting its new 'menu item.'... [Read More]
COLUMBUS, Ohio—On Dec. 12, President Donald Trump signed a mammoth military spending bill. Titled the National Defense Authorization Act, it allocates nearly $700 billion. This... [Read More]
Four years ago, a 15-year-old Maggie Voisin was set to make her Olympic debut. Then a broken ankle in Sochi changed those plans. Despite the... [Read More]
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