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A "quagmire" describes an extraordinarily distressing situation that all of the options for extraction would probably just make worse. The term aptly describes both falling into quicksand... [Read More]
To save money, the state proposes to implement and assets test for the popular Medicare Savings Program. [Read More]
Some residents and advocates expressed relief about the revisions, while others said they still could not support the governor's plan. [Read More]
The governor defended the legislation, along with his push for electronic tolls and the need for more investment in transportation. [Read More]
The governor's proposed sugary drink tax can improve overall health and wellbeing. Sugary drinks are the single largest source of added sugar in our diets.... [Read More]
Budget debates are in full swing in Connecticut. Recently Mark Conrad (CT Mirror, Feb. 15, 2019) presented interesting data to support the idea that Connecticut... [Read More]
Legislators on both sides of the aisle say they want to protect municipal open space, support town recreation areas, invest in clean water infrastructure, and... [Read More]
Ella Briggs, 11, is one of a growing number of kids who are coming out at an early age. She's also Connecticut's first openly gay... [Read More]
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wanted a debate on vaccine safety. Pediatricians say there is nothing to debate. [Read More]
The legislation would extend state health benefits to small businesses, nonprofits and individuals. [Read More]
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The plan is intended as alternative to the hotly contested school regionalization bills. [Read More]
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Children like Emily Batista, an 11-year-old with cerebral palsy from Brazil, would have access to state-funded health insurance under the proposal. [Read More]
I strongly support the efforts of State Reps. Michelle Cook from Torrington and Gary Turco from Newington in co-sponsoring legislation to increase access to dental... [Read More]
Recently several columns in the CT Mirror show how divided individuals are regarding the consolidation plan to merge the state's community colleges into one entity.... [Read More]
The gas tax is at the core of the tolls debate. Climate change is at the core of the gas tax. But switching to electric... [Read More]
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The debate over vaccinations will continue in Hartford on Tuesday with two competing forums. [Read More]
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As a clinical social worker turned independent educational consultant focused on four-year academic planning and the college application process, I have seen how changing times... [Read More]
It seems that along with their duty to make referrals to Child Services to insure a child's safety, school districts, in a misuse of power,... [Read More]
In the thick of a long legislative session, like the one we are about halfway through, each day brings forth a surprising proposal for addressing... [Read More]
Connecticut's package stores have proposed a 10-cent "recycling fee" as a compromise alternative to the 25-cent deposit Gov. Ned Lamont recommended last month. [Read More]
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