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Twenty years ago, Thomas Craemer sat face to face with a Holocaust survivor and heard first-hand about atrocities committed by his grandparent's generation. Mieciu, a... [Read More]
A lawyer for the plaintiffs is optimistic because the agency has made progress in its hiring and caseload goals. [Read More]
It's time for the Democratic leaders of the General Assembly to demonstrate courage, call the legislature into special session, and enact tolls.  They need to... [Read More]
Nursing homes set to lose Medicaid funding will challenge the state's decision — otherwise, they face severe financial cuts. [Read More]
Connecticut residents with criminal records face 559 barriers that can limit their ability to lead successful lives after they've been released from prison. [Read More]
The Department of Public Health is investigating whether vaping is linked to the illnesses of two Connecticut residents hospitalized with respiratory issues. ... [Read More]
The recent mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton have once again led to the same kind of debate that followed the terrible massacre of... [Read More]
Many states have passed or are considering legislation banning or limiting the use of expulsion and suspension in preschools. These laws are a response to research... [Read More]
Miguel Cardona, the state's new education chief, challenged the state's superintendents to close the achievement gap for minority students. [Read More]
Miguel Cardona believes strongly in family and community -- as well as in the potential for each child to be successful. [Read More]
Commissioner of Education Miguel Cardona on issues ranging from bilingual eduation to test scores. [Read More]
State officials say the Connecticut Port Authority is back on track. Republicans want details on what went wrong. [Read More]
The Connecticut Parents Union held a town hall meeting Tuesday to raise awareness about the lack of transparency in state government. [Read More]
'Until I hear directly from him, I'm not willing to concede that history repeated itself and that he has walked away from the commitment he... [Read More]
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The two governors conducted a press conference live-streamed from a state park in Wilson, N.Y., talking broadly about joint policy interests — and showing off... [Read More]
The multi-state lawsuit aims to stop the Trump administration from denying green cards to immigrants who receive public assistance, including food stamps and Medicaid. [Read More]
For more than two years, we've been given very optimistic projections and assurances about "Students First." Just as investigative reporters examine controversial claims by "following... [Read More]
On this issue, Republicans are ready to back the Democratic governor. [Read More]
The amicus brief by Blumenthal and other Senate Democrats says failure to dismiss the case could hurt the high court's credibility. [Read More]
The lawmakers complained of "repeated efforts" to impede their investigation into allegations of harassment and retaliation at the Coast Guard Academy. [Read More]
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