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The Democrats of the House Judiciary Committee would like you to think of their work as a second coming of the Watergate investigation. But what... [Read More]
Two law professors, Joyce White Vance and Barbara McQuade, together with former White House counsel and Watergate figure John Dean, did more on Monday afternoon... [Read More]
John Dean testified that special counsel Robert Mueller has provided Congress with a "road map" for investigating President Donald Trump. [Read More]
The weekend before he raised his right hand in front of the Senate Watergate Committee and swore to tell the truth about President Richard Nixon's... [Read More]
The star witness of Watergate took a turn as the star witness for House Democrats' inquiries into President Donald Trump on Monday. And in doing... [Read More]
President Donald Trump lashed out at former Nixon White House counsel John Dean III, calling him a "sleazebag" ahead of his planned appearance at a... [Read More]
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