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They suit him fine. [Read More]
"I don't think that we are going to listen to her on much of anything, particularly anything that we will leave into the hands of... [Read More]
Tara Setmayer used to be Dana Rohrabacher's press secretary. Now she's a former staffer married to a federal employee furloughed for 33 days. She has... [Read More]
Fox Business Network host Dagen McDowell can't ignore the fact that Republican voters are starting to offer up their displeasure at Trump's government shutdown and... [Read More]
In a statement released by Lanny Davis, Michael Cohen said the threats were so serious that he would be unable to testify on February 7th. [Read More]
MSNBC guest Donny Deutsch says Michael Cohen is genuinely afraid of the threats leveled by Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani. He told Nicolle Wallace he... [Read More]
Rep. Hakeem Jeffries flooded CNN host Alysin Camerota with example after example of Trump's racism after she questioned whether he was being harsh. [Read More]
When Fox News' Harris Faulkner asked Conway if Trump would reopen the government if Congress agrees on legislation without his wall, Kellyanne snapped, "That's not... [Read More]
"Congressman, do you think it's appropriate to fly first class while 57 TSA agents aren't being paid?" Good question. In an e-mail explanation... [Read More]
If you are so unfortunate as to be "represented" by a Republican Senator, please make a phone call today. — AFL-CIO... [Read More]
During an interview with Fox News' Harris Faulkner, when asked if Trump would reopen the government if Congress agrees on legislation without his wall, she... [Read More]
Donald Trump tried to bully his way into the Capitol for his State of the Union but Speaker Pelosi has laid down her conditions: reopen... [Read More]
On "Mornings with Maria," the discussion was about the shutdown, Fox Business' host Dagen McDowell explained Republicans are hearing from their constituents and "more and... [Read More]
Federal Employee homelessness won't move Republicans in the Senate, but a delay in tax refunds? That makes it REAL. [Read More]
In a statement released by Lanny Davis, Cohen explained that he was postponing his testimony due to threats from Trump and Giuliani. [Read More]
File under stupid Republicans, gosh that file is getting thick. The Arizona Mirror reports: A GOP lawmaker has a novel idea for... [Read More]
IRS workers may be staying home due to 'financial hardship.' And THAT would make the shutdown untenable. [Read More]
The Rev. William Barber has no time for Republican politicians saying nice things about Martin Luther King Jr., and then refusing to support King's agenda. [Read More]
"I'm too old to play now," says William Barber of Republican politicians who praise MLK but oppose his agenda. [Read More]
Fox and Friends' Steve Doocy interviewed two students from Covington Catholic HS after trying to exonerate their behavior, Doocy asked about the time the students... [Read More]
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