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A federal judge has refused to dismiss a lawsuit filed over abuses that inmates were subjected to at the Daggett County Jail. In a ruling... [Read More]
Authorities have identified a man who drowned at Flaming Gorge Reservoir Sunday as a retired Unified Police Department officer. UPD confirmed Monday morning that Mikal... [Read More]
A former officer has died in a swimming accident in the Flaming Gorge Reservoir Sunday, according to officials. [Read More]
A man died while swimming in the Flaming Gorge Reservoir Sunday, according to officials. [Read More]
A man was found dead in the Flaming Gorge Reservoir Sunday, according to officials. [Read More]
A man died while swimming at the Cedar Springs Marina in Flaming Gorge Reservoir Sunday evening, Daggett County Sheriff's officials said. Daggett County Sheriff Erik... [Read More]
One man is dead and two others were injured after their ATV rolled into the Flaming Gorge Friday night. [Read More]
One person died after becoming trapped in an ATV that crashed into Flaming Gorge reservoir Friday evening. According to Daggett County Sheriff E.L. [Read More]
It is one of Utah's smallest towns, located in a remote corner of the state, but Dutch John has a big beef that it's now... [Read More]
This story was reported and written by the Utah Investigative Journalism Project in partnership with The Salt Lake Tribune. A third former inmate at the... [Read More]
The Utah Department of Corrections' final report looking into allegations of inmate abuse at the Daggett County Jail details incidents of sleeping on duty, deploying... [Read More]
Daggett County's budget was small, propped up by the money the Utah prison system gave it to essentially rent jail space each day for about... [Read More]
Two former inmates who were abused by Daggett County jailers are now suing county and state officials — alleging employees were aware of the behavior... [Read More]
The ACLU of Utah filed a lawsuit Wednesday on behalf of two inmates they say were shocked with Tasers and attacked by police dogs for... [Read More]
Opposition is mounting rapidly to a Colorado man's proposal to pipe Green River water from Utah to the Denver area — and the objections aren't... [Read More]
The final deputy accused in abuse allegations at Daggett County Jail has resolved the case against him. [Read More]
Over the last year this newspaper has focused important news coverage on the unfortunate consequences of non-uniform and insufficient jail standards used by county jails... [Read More]
The last of five officers charged last year in connection with the abuse of inmates at the Daggett County jail has resolved his case. Logan... [Read More]
The sentencing this week of former Daggett County jailer Joshua Cox for abusing inmates represents the latest episode in a series of scandals that has... [Read More]
A recent expose in this paper illuminated the extent of the inmate mistreatment in the Daggett County jail. And it's bad. We knew in February... [Read More]
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