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'We would not have won'... [Read More]
Sometimes media types need this reminder... [Read More]
'I don't think it's a hoax ...'... [Read More]
'I don't pledge anything'... [Read More]
Kanye West went to the White House, and regardless of whether he was there to sell Yeezys or actually support President Donald Trump, it was... [Read More]
'It is probably for the best that dead men tell no tales'... [Read More]
'I trust them'... [Read More]
'It's a big deal'... [Read More]
'I think this was widely regarded in the end as a human achievement'... [Read More]
'it will respond with greater action'... [Read More]
$3,300 to $22,800 per medication... [Read More]
A top Republican lawmaker said Sunday that the FBI failed to provide a federal surveillance court with evidence that "directly" contracted the bureau's rationale for... [Read More]
'Absolutely not.'... [Read More]
By letting the process drag out for an extra two weeks... [Read More]
Two of the hostages are medical workers from the Red Cross... [Read More]
'First we will rape you for days ...'... [Read More]
Your stomach will sink... [Read More]
'This is bigger than sports'... [Read More]
'Totally and purposely changed the point'... [Read More]
Obama's CAFE policies passed on the cost of his 'green energy' agenda to the consumer... [Read More]
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