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Her children were the first to catch the runner mid-poop, with her pants around her ankles, Cathy Budde said. [Read More]
A Colorado Springs K9 dog bit a Fountain police officer Tuesday, after the dog's handler fell and hit his head during a foot chase involving... [Read More]
Denver-based Frontier Airlines is adding nine new routes connecting 13 cities, including four routes in Colorado Springs, as part of a broadening of their network... [Read More]
Colorado's Agriculture Department is investigating complaints about poorly trained service dogs provided by Noelle's Dogs Four Hope. [Read More]
Colorado Springs police arrested a man who had fled a traffic stop after finding him in the trunk of his vehicle on Saturday... [Read More]
The first ever Ironside Challenge at the Ironside Medieval Combat martial arts school was held September 16, 2017. [Read More]
Weeks from trial on grisly allegations that he attacked his live-in girlfriend with a shish-kebab skewer, killing their unborn child, a former University of Colorado... [Read More]
A clerk at a local convenience store said she tried fighting off a robber before he made off with cash from the register, and end... [Read More]
A third teen has been arrested in connection with the murder of a liquor store owner in February during a spree of seven robberies, according... [Read More]
A pilot's use of several medications, that combined had the potentiality of leaving him impaired, likely contributed to his inability to deal with the high-workload... [Read More]
El Paso County authorities have identified the 41-year-old man slain early Tuesday in a shooting near the Colorado Springs Airport. [Read More]
One of northern Colorado's more popular entertainment concepts will make its Colorado Springs debut in a few weeks. [Read More]
Juvenile in stolen car hits Colorado Springs police car twice in attempt to flee. [Read More]
Colorado Springs police are investigating a homicide that happened early Tuesday morning, authorities say. [Read More]
A man lying on railroad tracks was seriously injured when a train made up of 50 coal cars hit him on Saturday evening in Colorado... [Read More]
The parents of a 6-week-old infant found dead by police in February are being charged with first-degree murder and child abuse resulting in death, Colorado... [Read More]
Federal agents have arrested a man in connection with the smash-and-grab burglary of dozens of guns from the Dragonman gun store and shooting range in... [Read More]
Four thieves smashed their way into the Dragonman gun store and shooting range in Colorado Springs and stole 65 guns, and the shop's owner said... [Read More]
Colorado Springs arrested after he shook off stun gun jolt to hit one officer in the head, bite another. [Read More]
A Colorado Springs city councilman who voted for Democrat Hillary Clinton in last year's presidential election is planning to run as a Republican in the... [Read More]
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