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Millions of Facebook users may have had their photos exposed to third-party applications due to a bug, the company managers said. The latest issue caps... [Read More]
Tension came to a head in Brussels as EU leaders met to discuss pressing issues facing the bloc — Brexit being foremost among them. A... [Read More]
Authorities in the French city of Strasbourg have reopened the local Christmas market three days after it was hit by a terror attack. Meanwhile, another... [Read More]
Serbia opposed the move, accusing Pristina of "beating war drums." The law would create a new department of defense and convert the Kosovo Security Force... [Read More]
The attack on the Alsatian capital's Christmas market causes worldwide concern. The "Christkindelsmärik" has existed since 1570 and is the oldest Christmas market in France.... [Read More]
This time last year, those connected to German football were searching for the reason all but one of its clubs fell at the first European... [Read More]
Traditional Christmas markets all over Europe carry on to invite visitors for a stroll and enjoy some mulled wine before the pre-Christmas shopping stress kicks... [Read More]
Don't be afraid of freezing temperatures. We have put together 10 hotel tips for a cool break from everyday life. From ice-frosted and windy to... [Read More]
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As Somalia welcomed the leader of neighboring Eritrea amid a warming of ties in the Horn of Africa, DW's Daniel Pelz spoke to former UN... [Read More]
Elections are around the corner in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but the area around the town of Beni in eastern DRC is still fighting... [Read More]
В Германии прерывание беременности разрешено только при определенных условиях. И информировать об этой процедуре могут далеко не все, что сейчас вновь вызвало большую дискуссию. [Read More]
не единственная проблема, осложняющая отношения Москвы и Ашхабада. Что поможет их улучшить? [Read More]
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До самого Рождества во многих городах Германии открыты рождественские ярмарки. Чем можно полакомиться в Нюрнберге или Берлине? Смотрите наш видеосюжет! [Read More]
An independent report into the scandal surrounding USA Gymnastics and its former team doctor Larry Nassar has unveiled a horrifying scale of abuse. Nick Butler... [Read More]
Scented candles. Loose leaf tea? Forget hygge. Believe it or not, Germany has been quietly commodifying coziness for centuries, says DW's Kate Ferguson. [Read More]
India's top court has dismissed calls for an investigation into a fighter jet deal with French firm Dassault. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has faced accusations... [Read More]
President Emmanuel Macron has made what many commentators described as a last-ditch attempt to appease the yellow-vest protestors. In a 13-minute address from the Elysees... [Read More]
Deal, no deal, second referendum, no Brexit — the chaos in Britain reached fever pitch this week as Prime Minister Theresa May backed away from... [Read More]
Italy's coalition government has come under mounting criticism from human rights groups, including Amnesty International, for what they say is the erosion of protections for... [Read More]
A 7-year-old Guatemalan girl has died after being detained at a US Border Patrol detention facility. She spent 8 hours in custody. Reports say she... [Read More]
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