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The BBC reports that Britain's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has threatened prominent social media stars with heavy fines or prison time if they advertise... [Read More]
Smaller armies like the UK or France have less space assets to rely upon in case major debris collisions destroys satellites such as global positioning... [Read More]
Richard Stallman recently visited Mandya, a small town about 60 miles from Bengaluru, India, to give a talk. On the sidelines, Indian news outlet FactorDaily... [Read More]
Phone maker Meizu has announced a new phone called "Zero," which doesn't have a headphone jack, or a charging port, or a physical SIM card... [Read More]
What does the future of getting a job in the tech industry look like? According to the CEO of IBM, Ginni Rometty, it's important that... [Read More]
China is gearing up to launch a social credit system in 2020, giving all citizens an identity number that will be linked to a permanent... [Read More]
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The BBC is reporting that people reading the Daily Mail using Microsoft's Edge browser on mobile platforms are seeing it flagged as "generally fail[ing] to... [Read More]
HTC Corporation, based in Taiwan will be the mobile manufacturing company provides specialisation in smart mobile handsets. They can definitely be credited with popularising the... [Read More]
The weirdly clustered orbits of some far-flung bodies in our solar system can be explained without invoking a big, undiscovered "Planet Nine," a new study... [Read More]
Online gambling is getting more popular every day but land-based casinos still stand their grounds. All interested in Leo Vegas online slots or other gambling... [Read More]
Threatpost has a link to some recent research about ways web pages can exploit browser extensions to steal information or write files. Did we need... [Read More]
Well, on the first trade you made $400. On the second trade, you made $1,000. And on the third trade you made $3,300 (3 contracts... [Read More]
Avast's PC Trends Report 2019 found [PDF] that users are making themselves vulnerable by not implementing security patches and keeping outdated versions of popular applications... [Read More]
We want to share the great outdoors with our visitors , we want to take you to the most beautiful expeditions, Outdoor Activities and adrenaline... [Read More]
In 2018, you might have missed many important meeting, events or family functions just because of traffic, driving or vehicle issues. [Read More]
It did not become very simpleBoss: What matters! Where have you been so long?Worker: I went to the haircut.Boss: What! Did you go to the... [Read More]
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Google handles this open source project under AOSP (Android Open Source Project). AOSP is used as a base by Google to create its version of... [Read More]
Google is proposing a broad set of changes to Chrome's extension platform that, among other things, will stop most ad blockers from working as they're... [Read More]
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The Best Way To Be Better While You Shop For Vehicles... [Read More]
Rehire Program Are you inactive, red flagged, or locked out of DISA due to testing positive or refusing to test for a drug screen? Affordable... [Read More]
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