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Just because fewer women approve of Moore doesn't mean they won't vote for him. [Read More]
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Bill O'Neill, a Democrat who serves on the state's Supreme Court, says he will likely drop out of the governor's race. [Read More]
Clinton's remarks were some of her most forceful against her old rival. Trump may have used up his best material long ago. [Read More]
The ongoing deluge of allegations involving sexual misconduct has a few politicians reconsidering claims against President Trump and former president Bill Clinton. [Read More]
"If it becomes an impediment to getting the best tax bill we can, then we are okay with taking it out," Mick Mulvaney said on... [Read More]
In addition to highlighting popular conservative themes, Joshua Fatzick sometimes presented information in misleading ways. [Read More]
There's one big difference between former governor Robert Bentley, accused of having an extramarital affair, and Moore. [Read More]
Democratic wins in the latest election, and polling about the tax bill, have led the party to think that they can cleave millions of voters... [Read More]
Alabama residents grapple with disillusionment and disbelief as the Senate election between Republican Roy Moore, who is accused of sexual harassment and assault, and Democrat... [Read More]
"It's what it's all about," Trump said of Supreme Court nominations as the campaign wound down last year. [Read More]
After a flood of charity events left President Trump's "Winter White House," pro-Trump groups are trying to make up the lost business at Mar-a-Lago. [Read More]
Out of step, out of office? [Read More]
North Korea is on an "aggressive schedule" to build and deploy its first operational ballistic-missile submarine, a U.S. think tank said, citing commercial satellite imagery. [Read More]
80 percent of the country is food-insecure. [Read More]
Japanese media reported that a breath test indicated the Marine had an alcohol level three times the legal limit. [Read More]
Even on a day seemingly devoid of drama, college football found a way to deliver some lunacy. [Read More]
The U.S. Navy said it will join the search for a missing Argentine submarine as the country's navy said it may have detected seven brief... [Read More]
A list of properties in Virginia that you can visit Saturday and Sunday. [Read More]
A listing of recent residential real estate transactions in Prince George's County. [Read More]
The Army & Air Force Exchange Service reported a 120 percent surge in online sales after opening online shopping to millions of veterans earlier this... [Read More]
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