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"I was truly touched [by Shen Yun]. On the whole, I could sense both its overwhelming powerfulness and its subtlety." "In short, both its magnificent... [Read More]
"I loved it. It was incredible, just incredible. I used to play the violin so I understand the kind of level of professionalism they're using... [Read More]
"I see these people are playing together and that they have a common language, their music, and it's just so neat to see them all... [Read More]
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"It's beautiful. It's like being in Heaven. Listening to this music is so impressive, they are very talented. It's super pleasurable." "It's great how they... [Read More]
"Certain instruments that are played in [the Shen Yun orchestra]—are not played in any other type of orchestral setting and it's really nice to hear... [Read More]
"It was truly beautiful, I really enjoyed the mix of East and West, and I thought the conductor and the entire symphony did a beautiful... [Read More]
"It was a very good mix of music. Chinese music with [Western and Chinese instruments]." "I think it was great. I enjoyed both very much,... [Read More]
"I am a fan of music, I go to many Broadway plays, listen to symphonies, orchestras, but today just exceeded my expectations." "It is like... [Read More]
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"I just went to Heaven—it gave me the feeling of ecstasy and the awareness of the transcendental space that connects us all with each other.... [Read More]
Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra left audience members at the Music Center at Strathmore in Bethesda, Maryland, in a state of awe. Charlene Rivera, a retired... [Read More]
"It was a very excellent performance. I enjoyed the performance greatly, it was wonderful. The music is beautiful, it makes you think about the history... [Read More]
"This has been breathtaking, absolutely breathtaking. It's such a magical blending of both styles of music [Western and Eastern]. I've been to regular symphony before,... [Read More]
"The music I found is so interesting because it's being transcended from the Eastern culture to the Western instruments, and transcended into Western music. I... [Read More]
"Very much enjoyed it. The music is beautiful. A very talented orchestra, and an outstanding mix of Western and Eastern [instruments], and it's gorgeous together.... [Read More]
"This is the third time [coming to a Shen Yun performance]." "I really loved it. I enjoyed the sound at the end of this, and... [Read More]
"I just admire the precision, all the artists working together. … It's fascinating to me, how they all coordinate. And I loved the sound, of... [Read More]
"I'm so glad that we came … I was surprised because I didn't expect to hear Wagner, I didn't expect to hear 'Sleeping Beauty', and... [Read More]
"I really enjoyed [the music]. It was beautiful. … It was very enjoyable." "It was something different. It sounds different—[the] arrangement for Carmen—kind of was... [Read More]
Recently the general public has begun to recognize how the Chinese regime works to try to influence opinion in the United States and around the... [Read More]
Princess Michael of Kent, a member of the British royal family, once sang high praises for Shen Yun, the New York-based performing arts company that... [Read More]
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