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Eugene Weekly presents Broken dead performing 'Broken Dead — Untitled / Cycle of Addiction' for #lincolnstreetsessions live at the EW offices. Eugene Weekly's Back Beat:... [Read More]
A relationship between a college town and a university is a lot like a marriage, says Michael Schill. The relationship can't be one-sided and must... [Read More]
Eugene Weekly is looking for a full-time news reporter to join our small feisty office with a fierce dedication to covering key issues with an alternative... [Read More]
Visit the post for more. [Read More]
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The Oregon Legislature convenes Jan. 22 in Salem. Hide the children and hang on to your wallets, dear readers. Finally, Democrats truly rule!  After all those years... [Read More]
Global warming tends to manifest its effects in the form of droughts that dry our forest trees, especially Douglas fir, and cause bigger forest fires... [Read More]
Thursday, January 10 Sunrise 7:46am; Sunset 4:54pm Avg. High 46; Avg. Low 33 ART/CRAFT Ongoing Jerry Ross painting exhibit, 9am-5pm, Rainbow Optics Campus Store, 13th Ave.,... [Read More]
Lane County Board of Commissioners finished off 2018 by approving a forestland rezoning to allow a gravel mine. The rezoning will lead to developing a... [Read More]
THURSDAY 1/10 BEERGARDEN Robert Meade—7:30pm; n/c CHOW David Mitchell—6:30pm; n/c Cowfish Baila!—9pm; $3-5 Dexter Lake Club  Karaoke w/Jared—9pm; n/c HI-FI MUSIC HALL Boombox—9pm; $16-20 LUCKEYR…... [Read More]
Sex trafficking in Lane County, especially of children, is a growing and still silent problem. It's the silence that Lauren Babcock wants to change.   "Hidden... [Read More]
I'm not sure why Zane Hager (Letters, Dec. 27) chose to obfuscate the legal issues regarding bicycle use on sidewalks. All I know is that... [Read More]
Now that we have the November elections over, we can evaluate the "next time." The media frequently comments that our president was elected. This was not so. He... [Read More]
It was rather perplexing to find a small ad in the latest issue of the Eugene Weekly (page 3, Jan. 3) for, a website... [Read More]
Community Rights Lane County (CRLC) continues to work toward real democracy, where we the people make decisions that protect our health, safety and welfare. Our... [Read More]
"A unique vegan sandal that is eco-friendly, coconut scent infused and female-founded in the USA, Vines Islandwear will be your new obsession for any adventure!"... [Read More]
Will Brails win Best Hangover Breakfast again? Who's got the best burrito in town? Check out the list of nominees for best eats and then... [Read More]
Voting is underway in Round One of Eugene Weekly's STAR voting runoff! Here's your slate of candidates in the Civics category. Go to to... [Read More]
The below was posted on Swift's Facebook page this morning: "Slip away, asleep in my car, all the angels sing, Que Sera Sera" What will... [Read More]
It's hard to imagine there's anyone alive who hasn't seen the Wizard of Oz. Who has never experienced the thrill as Dorothy opens the door... [Read More]
Lunch shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. It's not fancy, and you're probably not trying to impress anyone. You're just hungry. Maybe you're hangry.... [Read More]
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