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There were no deaths caused by tornadoes in the United States in 2018. The only other year with no tornado deaths is 2006. [Read More]
Our run of milder winter lately has many people thinking this past weekend was unusually cold. It was not. The temperatures and wind chill values... [Read More]
Across media and social media lately, you will find many articles relating cold weather to the polar vortex. It's a great name and an attractive... [Read More]
Media as well as social media are fond of using headlines such as "Don't Miss Sunday's Super Blood Moon Total Eclipse." There are two parts... [Read More]
Forty below temperatures rarely happen in Fargo-Moorhead. In fact, all of the temperatures of 40 below or colder in the Fargo-Moorhead record book were recorded... [Read More]
Cold weather in winter is often referred to as "Arctic air." Have you ever thought about what qualities air must have to be considered "Arctic?" [Read More]
news, sports, opinion, entertainment, business, lifestyle, milestones, obituaries and weather for Fargo, ND... [Read More]
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