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If you're looking for something  to do  with your friends here in the Electric City, or maybe you have family rolling in for the holidays and... [Read More]
It's the Brawl of the Wild, and alumni throughout Great Falls are gearing up for the big day with the only official alumni event in... [Read More]
In honor of Veterans Day something you don't see every day. A B-52 Bomber aircraft from Minot Air Force base in North Dakota flew over the... [Read More]
KRTV is your source for breaking news, features, and weather, in Great Falls and north central Montana. [Read More]
Dressing for Halloween weather can vary a lot from year-to-year, as late October is known for some big swings in weather. [Read More]
Friday night was not only a special night for the winner of the new truck but also for veterans in the Electric city. Memorial stadium... [Read More]
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