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...the name game is at the heart of the Legislature's practice of "gut and replace".... [Read More]
...The Hawaiʻi Civil Rights Commission (HCRC) today announced the settlement of a complaint alleging employment discrimination by the Honolulu Police ... [Read More]
...a civil fine of $20,000 plus $10,000 per day for each day the unlawful operation persists.... [Read More]
Legislature's "Gut-And-Replace" Procedure Violates Hawaii Constitution Three Readings Requirement 17 Weeks on Mauna Kea: 8,031 T... [Read More]
...We are committed to the preservation of Fa'a Samoa, and we intend to appeal this ruling.... [Read More]
VIDEO: Mauna Kea Defining Sacred Hawaii Credit Rating Upgraded to Highest Level Ever ... [Read More]
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Navigator/Captain/Educator Kaelpa Baybayan Attorney/Educator/Cultural Practitioner Kimo Stone Former... [Read More]
... Fitch Ratings upgraded the state's general obligation bond rating from AA to AA+ .... [Read More]
...Hawaii GOP Will Bind all its 2020 Convention Delegates to Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump.... [Read More]
"...Unfortunately, these anti-vaxx people all live overseas, but they're using social media to influence our population and our community. ... [Read More]
...The combined total of the 17-week long Daniel K. Inouye Highway enhanced traffic enforcement efforts by Hawaii Police Department stands at 8013 cit... [Read More]
...Here's the motion we filed today.... [Read More]
TMT: Time to Reassess Viability of Hawaii Telescope Project Auditor: Zoo Loses Track of $658K ... [Read More]
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Hawaii Owes You an Apology Surfing the Nations - Transforming Wahiawa and the World ... [Read More]
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...I'm not there yet because I haven't reviewed all of the actual articles, the Judiciary Committee's report and the full House deba... [Read More]
...The cooperative agreement between the zoo and the Zoo Society hampered roles and responsibilities.... [Read More]
...after more than a decade of working with the community and a multimillion dollar investment into Hawaii's economy, TMT must now reassess t... [Read More]
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"...to reflect on how we have responded as a community to challenging and sometimes polarizing issues, including but not limited to TMT...."... [Read More]
...One of the most visible features of what has been called a "new day" for Hā'ena State Park and the adjacent Nāpali Coast State Wi... [Read More]
...Whether taking their surfboards to do diplomacy in North Korea or feeding the homeless in Wahiawa, the nonprofit Surfing the Nations is having an i... [Read More]
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