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"...The problem is the data we provide is based on an accounting system that is more than two decades out of use...." [Read More]
...The union since has been placed under trusteeship by LIUNA headquarters after running into difficulties not unrelated to the thefts.... [Read More]
...Court's suspension of governor's emergency proclamation applies only to one Person.... [Read More]
Doomed Telescope: Ige Hands off 'Leadership' to ... uh ... Harry Kim Ethics: Wanna Buy Some State Land? -- Hire a Legislator,... [Read More]
..."I honestly don't know how this is going to end," says Doug Simons, an astronomer and executive director of the Canada-France-Haw... [Read More]
Poll: 77% Support Telescope OHA Trustee Bob Lindsey Supports TMT Former Official of Crooked Painters Union Trying to Convince Council to... [Read More]
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...Chapter 84 permits the legislator to represent a private client in submitting an offer to purchase state property from a state agency.... [Read More]
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...the impact on government employment ranged from three to 17 percent in the territories and close to 45 percent in the Federated States of Micronesi... [Read More]
Machado: "OHA has no position on the siting of the TMT on Maunakea" VIDEO: Crying DOCARE Chief Begs Protesters to Open Road ... [Read More]
...The Judicial Selection Commission is accepting applications and nominations to fill a new judicial position in the State of Hawaii.... [Read More]
...The HECO LNG plans were abandoned after their proposed merger with NextEra Energy, Inc. was disapproved by the Hawaii State Public Utilities Commis... [Read More]
..."I don't wanna be here," said Kamakau who is the DOCARE Hawai'i Island Branch Chief.... [Read More]
Kahele Gives Protesters Reason to Stonewall Telescopes Already Being Damaged by Protests History of Anti-Telescope Violence Ige: "We... [Read More]
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...Trustees are reminding Governor Ige of OHA's real goal—not stopping the proposed Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) but gaining control ... [Read More]
Poll: Hirono Approval 46% - Schatz 52% Will Philly Shipyard close? AG Settles Case: Hawaii Discriminates Against Legal Immigrants on Gun... [Read More]
...More Woo than You.... [Read More]
...In my opinion no single project, not any, is important enough to allow ourselves to damage the fabric of our Ohana in Hawaii.... [Read More]
...with information in the event they encounter forms of expression that may alarm them or prevent them from accessing or leaving their place of emplo... [Read More]
...Pennies add up. And when we're talking about the Jones Act, they add up to billions of dollars.... [Read More]
Mauna Kea: Ige Signs Proclamation 'To Prevent Lawless Violence' Mauna Kea Protests: UH Releases Guidelines for Staff Caldwell in DC for... [Read More]
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