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...Hawaii district court strikes down law targeting pro-life pregnancy centers.... [Read More]
...Since its creation in 2009, the TPP Program has provided nearly $1 billion.... [Read More]
...the subsequent increase to $13 led to large reductions in hours for low wage workers of 6-7% that completely offset a 3% rise in the... [Read More]
... it is expected at least 130 electric buses will be added to fleets during the course of the pilot, including tour buses, school buses... [Read More]
Hawaii Supreme Court Rejects Rail Surcharge Lawsuit How to Solve the Hawaiian Homelands Problem Disabled Inmates: Feds Reach Agreement with Hawaii... [Read More]
"...Despite the rejection of the Supreme Court of Hawaii, our efforts were key in the legislature's decision to drop the skim from 10% to 1... [Read More]
...but none of them can keep up with American Samoa delegate.... [Read More]
"...There are 12 federal agencies that award education research grants, and the executive order will leave it to them to decide what schools must... [Read More]
...There's Enough Land in Hawai'i for all Hawaiians.... [Read More]
...Justice Department Reaches Agreement With Hawaii Department of Public Safety to Ensure Equal Access to Its Programs for Inmates With Disabilities..... [Read More]
OHA Kakaako Makai Plans Begin With Sewage Plant Grant Supports Drive to make UH, Chaminade, Kauai CC 100% Tobacco Free Buying... [Read More]
...the House Labor Committee unanimously approved a draft resolution calling on Hawaiian Airlines to return the 200 plus call center jobs it has outso... [Read More]
...Restoration of Scottish sailing boat offered as 'lifeline' to now-closed Appledore Shipyard.... [Read More]
...Interest-free home down payment loans now available.... [Read More]
...support efforts to advocate for, adopt and implement 100 percent smoke- and tobacco-free policies, including limiting the use of e-cigarettes.... [Read More]
"...I was quite idealistic in thinking that with the $2.9M Master plan Rob Iopa's WCIT created, we were going to be issuing RFPs to impleme... [Read More]
HART Plan to Control Expenses-Pay Robbins Crony $85K per Month Senate Committee to Hear Anti-Gun Bills The last time Congress created... [Read More]
HART Spends Money to Prove Spending Money is a Good Idea... [Read More]
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..."Federal Funding as a Share of State Revenue".... [Read More]
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...Economist Ken Schoolland and host Keli'i Akina discuss how economics and liberty interact as they explore a variety of public policy issues tha... [Read More]
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