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...If they don't, it will be functionally the same as raising taxes.... [Read More]
...Hawaii Emergency Management Agency statement on missile launch false alarm.... [Read More]
False Alarm: Hawaii Missile Alert Retracted by Civil Defense Why Freddy Rice Went to Court Permit Purgatory--Cost of Housing on the... [Read More]
...and the most unaffordable housing.... [Read More]
"...NO missile threat to Hawaii...." [Read More]
...the vessel is already in service and hosting tours along the West side of Oahu.... [Read More]
...You may have been hearing new terms like China's Green Fence and The National Sword and wondered what they are and how they impact our... [Read More]
...America's deadliest-ever drug crisis killed more in 2016 than the number of U.S. troops that died in the 20-year Vietnam War.... [Read More]
...Hawai'i has the longest average wait time for a building or construction permit - 17 months.... [Read More]
UPDATE: Divided OHA Trustees Do Not Agree on Tribal Recognition Act DoTax Data: 25,500 Vacation Rentals paying TAT in Hawaii Study:... [Read More]
...Hawaii Island rancher Freddy Rice passed away on Jan. 5, 2018.... [Read More]
...a list of candidates to Gov. David Ige to fill one student seat for a two-year appointment beginning July 1, 2018, subject to confirmation by... [Read More]
...The current average annual cost of driving a typical new gasoline vehicle in the United States is $1,117, with a maximum of $1,509 in Hawaii... [Read More]
..."This means there are way more than suspected filers actually paying their transient accommodation taxes than originally estimated".... [Read More]
Republican Tax Cuts Will Lower Hawaii Electric Bills UPDATE: Divided OHA Trustees Vote on Tribal Recognition Act Compact Impact Bill Reintroduced:... [Read More]
...The addition of the fifth lane along the Wai'anae Coast has been long overdue.... [Read More]
...Hawaii Insurance Division Releases Annual Premium Comparison Guides to Help Consumers Compare Insurance Premiums.... [Read More]
...Hawaii Visitor Accommodation Units Surpassed 80,000 Statewide in 2017.... [Read More]
...HR 3744 would remove both the Executive Branch and by extension the US Department of Interior's authority to recognize and therefore create a N... [Read More]
...The Judicial Council is seeking applicants to fill two upcoming vacancies on the Hawaii State Ethics Commission. These terms on the Commission will... [Read More]
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