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...Mayor Alan Arakawa and his administration will host a series of community meetings in September and October to receive comments and suggestions fro... [Read More]
How to get more for our money Tupola presents a chance for change Now That Primary Election is Over, HTA Moves... [Read More]
...In the midst of all the Uber/Lyft hysteria, Caldwell conveniently leaves the UPW job trust Handi-Van Service out of the equation.... [Read More]
...The real value of $100 in Hawaii is $84.46. That's less than it was in 2016, when the real value was $85.62.... [Read More]
Hawaii Statehood: Tiny 1959 opposition was anti-Japanese, not anti-American Economist: Honolulu most liveable city in America Saiki: DoE Gets Plen... [Read More]
...#2 is Pittsburgh.... [Read More]
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Rosy assumptions could be thorny for Hawaii ERS Hawaii: $100 Worth Only $84.46 Sunset Beach Dune Restoration Project utilizing private public... [Read More]
...Hawaii has the highest cost of living of any state.... [Read More]
...end date could drag out far longer if the investments of the state's Employees' Retirement System (ERS) do not perform as well as expec... [Read More]
...Mayor Alan Arakawa instructed all departments to give priority to processing permits for affordable housing projects.... [Read More]
...42 short essays on the history, democratic function, and politics of the periodic state constitutional convention referendum, including Hawaii&rsqu... [Read More]
... The book is in electronic form and is available on the DBEDT website .... [Read More]
... The rules are in place to ensure there is a level playing field for all prearranged ground transportation companies .... [Read More]
... Project involving numerous city agencies, community groups, and local non-profits for erosion mitigation .... [Read More]
Aloha Poke: Activists See Opportunity to Grab 'Cultural Property' in Patents, Trademarks Kauai, Oahu Floods: Ige Asks FEMA to Reconsider Ind... [Read More]
...the greater issue is to be taken up with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and a system that has, for generations, inadequately address... [Read More]
...Hawaii Dams at high hazard risk: 93.2% (the highest).... [Read More]
...Annual skin cancer diagnoses: 20.3 per 100,000 residents.... [Read More]
...Real property tax credit offered for Honolulu homeowners with combined income of less than $60,000.... [Read More]
...Of the 187 homes destroyed or severely damaged, 109 were owner-occupied.... [Read More]
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