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"I'm doing the same thing that my ancestors did. I'm just telling the stories that I care about, that I love and that are relevant... [Read More]
Sen. Mike Lee of Utah raised eyebrows with his strange and cheeky attack on the Green New Deal. [Read More]
Republicans mocked the proposal as cartoonish and hoped the vote would expose divisions in Democratic ranks. [Read More]
"I've been part of groups of voluptuous Lycra-clad women invading the beaches with our not-sorry fattery," the author writes. [Read More]
The longtime NBA player says fallout from the 72-day-long marriage put him in a "dark place." [Read More]
State Sen. Richard Pan said his new bill would stop doctors from offering phony medical exemptions to avoid vaccines. [Read More]
The Senate minority leader told the president: "Fixed it for you." [Read More]
San Antonio Councilman Roberto Treviño said the plan "reaffirmed the work our city has done to become a champion of equality and inclusion." [Read More]
Oliver Knight claims a Catholic hospital in California broached last-minute religious objections to his hysterectomy. [Read More]
Memes ran amok on Twitter after "The View" co-host tweeted a cutting comment to writer Denise McAllister. [Read More]
The Duchess of Sussex starred in the risqué project that was never picked up, until now. [Read More]
The president's claim echoes his earlier accusations of wiretapping. [Read More]
In response to the "Good Place" actress' tweet, women shared their own scary stories of being harassed. [Read More]
It's available in sizes S to XXL in three styles and five colors. [Read More]
But the lawyer's latest allegations only reveal his own ignorance about college basketball "corruption." [Read More]
As Republicans force a hasty Senate vote on the climate change plan, presidential candidates push to take it seriously. [Read More]
The phrase is stigmatizing in a lot of outdated, insensitive ways. [Read More]
Gale, a show dog from the Netherlands, went missing on Saturday. [Read More]
A report in The New York Times claims that the UFC star sexually assaulted a woman in Ireland. [Read More]
Martin Sellner, head of the Identitarian Movement of Austria, said his apartment was searched and electronic devices seized. [Read More]
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