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"We're going to win on the services side because not all cloud providers have boutique, hands-on service..." [Read More]
NextDC has landed a deal with Superloop, providing access to the new Indigo subsea cable system for both of its Perth and Sydney data centres. [Read More]
It could be a scene from almost any city start-up office on a Friday afternoon, except the workers here have been flown in from five... [Read More]
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Once a rarity, unicorns are being spotted in increasing abundance in Britain and Europe. But looking ahead, Britain's visa system may mean that these valuable... [Read More]
A roundup of this week's technology news including more Facebook data breaches, another foldable phone and why Bitcoin is going to kill us all. [Read More]
"Show the team their role in achieving the overarching corporate mission makes a difference and is impactful." [Read More]
Adobe's $4.75bn deal to buy Marketo is winning plaudits as firms double-down on digital marketing... [Read More]
The RPA startup has raised a further $225m to accelerate robotic process automation... [Read More]
A roundup of this week's technology news including GDPR fines, AI bias and an internet connected microwave... [Read More]
How effective device management can help simplify the use of IoT within businesses, and why companies should be preparing for an IoT future. [Read More]
Quip, which is owned by Salesforce, sees Slides as an alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides. [Read More]
"Recognize that just because you're 'up' today, doesn't mean that you'll be 'up' forever; demonstrate steadiness & humbleness throughout." [Read More]
Southeast Asia's wave of tech innovation has the potential to save 5,000 lives a year according to a recent McKinsey white paper. [Read More]
Discover what real IT Central Station users think of configuration management solutions. [Read More]
The reviews for the Apple Watch Series 4 are in and everyone loves it. [Read More]
McAfee CTO talks about the risks of using the cloud and the impact of emerging tech in cybersecurity... [Read More]
"'The Way of The Shepherd' is leadership training 101, and what all good managers should use to build great teams." [Read More]
What will an augmented workforce look like? [Read More]
Razer didn't have a huge amount of new hardware to show off at this year's Computex. However, they made a singular, almost-forgettable, low-key, announcement that... [Read More]
Veeam has apologised for exposing 445 million customer records on an open server from Amazon Web Services, blaming the leak on "human error". [Read More]
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