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Rick Gates, a former top official in President Trump's campaign, pleaded guilty Friday afternoon to conspiracy and lying to the FBI, striking a deal to... [Read More]
President Donald Trump signs a bill renaming the St. Louis, MO Gateway Arch near southern Illinois. U.S. Sen Senators Claire McCaskill and Roy Blunt, a... [Read More]
President Trump announced he supports teachers being trained to use guns so they can carry them on campuses, and some students in central Illinois agree. [Read More]
President Donald Trump continued his calls for teachers to carry guns, even going so far to suggest armed teachers should be given bonuses. [Read More]
Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Thursday dismissed as "upside-down and inside-out" President Donald Trump's suggestion that arming trained teachers could deter school shootings. "It is... [Read More]
Faced with compelling evidence that Russian cyber-saboteurs worked to sway the 2016 election, influencing swing-state voters with lies on social media and even staging real-life... [Read More]
President Trump is sitting down with survivors and parents of victims of the nation's deadliest school shootings. It's the first of 3 listening sessions at... [Read More]
Trump the Mad Tweeter's Twitter diary took a dark turn this weekend. [Read More]
Undeniably, education, science and students have suffered under the rule of President Trump and his loyal stooge, Congressman Rodney Davis. As students, voters and community... [Read More]
President Trump is right about one thing: They must be "laughing their asses off" in Moscow. [Read More]
After promising voters in 2016 that he would balance the budget, President Trump has proposed a $4.4 trillion spending plan for fiscal year 2019 that... [Read More]
A bill that would require better gun background checks stalled in the U-S Senate, even after President Trump said he'd be 'supportive' of the move.... [Read More]
If President Trump has it his way, we could be seeing big changes to the way some people get food. [Read More]
President Trump's budget includes money to jumpstart the removal of spent nuclear fuel from across the U.S. and place it in Nevada. Illinois' congressional expert... [Read More]
Tamika Mallory, an African-American who leads the national Women's March, declared at a rally in Las Vegas last month: "Stand up for me, white women... [Read More]
State Sen. Jason Barickman (R-Bloomington) says lots of Democrats are quick to criticize President Trump because he has faced allegations from more than a dozen... [Read More]
Bears guard Kyle Long and his brother Chris came to the defense of LeBron James Friday after a Fox News host advised the Cavaliers star... [Read More]
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