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Three juveniles are facing criminal charges from a Memorial Day weekend crime spree. [Read More]
With summer in full swing, many are hitting the road to begin their vacations. We're in the midst of the "100 Deadliest Days," the time... [Read More]
Here we are again. Freshly concluded Independence Day and Haynes-Apperson Festival celebrations are fading in the rear view mirror. How can that be? Didn't we... [Read More]
A local veteran sets up a GoFundMe to help popular 'Flag Guy' Billy Stewart. Army vet Isaac Montgomery saw our story on Stewart air on... [Read More]
Without a doubt, the loudest holiday on the calendar is the Fourth of July. America's Independence Day celebrates the 13 original American colonies' official declaration... [Read More]
Summer 2017RULE 15—3 DEFINITIONSSummer—The period which begins on Tuesday following Memorial Day (May 30, 2017) and ends on the day before Monday of Week 5... [Read More]
Hera the mastiff had been missing in bear and bobcat-infested woods since Memorial Day weekend. [Read More]
Now that we are past Memorial Day and the Indy 500, summer can officially begin. I thought I'd celebrate by proclaiming that you don't need... [Read More]
Even though some of us say it kicks off on Memorial Day, summer is officially here this week. Is your family already looking for ways... [Read More]
Every summer, Mallow Run plans big events surrounding the Big Three holidays of Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day. This year's Fourth of July... [Read More]
An officer served a search warrant over Memorial Day weekend and made a drug arrest. Michael D. Hazelgrove, 50, of Hicks Road, was charged with... [Read More]
It's a story that made headlines, and we need to take notice as our families head to pools and beaches this summer. A 4-year-old Texas... [Read More]
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