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Patriots could be blamed before midterm elections. [Read More]
Post-rally coverage reflects on Trump's epic Texas speech. [Read More]
Tune in weeknights from 8-10 PM CST to get the latest breaking midterm developments! [Read More]
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POTUS greets energized Texas crowd in appearance in support for Ted Cruz. [Read More]
Virtue-signaling actress's hypocrisy exposed. [Read More]
Set to be largest MAGA rally in history with 100,000 patriots. [Read More]
Conservative activists in Brazil using internet to defeat globalist politicians. [Read More]
The spiritual battle is intensifying. [Read More]
America's southern neighbor is following globalist orders. [Read More]
When being an SJW goes wrong. [Read More]
Asked if this should be taken as a threat, Trump said yes... [Read More]
The red wave is coming! [Read More]
Both Canada and Beijing have refused to say what they're for... [Read More]
Infowars live on the ground covering historic MAGA rally. [Read More]
Create an Infowars-themed NPC meme and you could win $10,000! [Read More]
Infowars on scene reporting live from largest political rally ever. [Read More]
Actress admits she's lost friends due to her TDS. [Read More]
Easily double the number reported by mainstream media. [Read More]
Broadcast network morning shows offered a heroic portrayal of the caravan. [Read More]
"Before you pour a glass of the 'white stuff,' please remember that it isn't the 'right stuff'" [Read More]
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