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In this episode of the Best of Living in Iowa, we'll revisit our story about saddle maker Russ Sebetka; Polk County Naturalist Lewis Major proposes... [Read More]
Mary Ann focuses on the somatosensory system for good balance and everyday functioning. [Read More]
Venture capitalist Carter Reum discusses how to start a business to how to successfully run one. [Read More]
The idyllic, small village of Elm Grove is has a "downtown" that is charm itself. Brookfield is large, has a lot of subdivisions, tons of... [Read More]
Christian Bagg invented a wheelchair that can withstand the rugged trails of the Canadian Rockies. [Read More]
In North Carolina, Roger puts the finishing touches on his painting of the mountain stream. [Read More]
Citrus roasted chicken with lemon mashed potatoes and salt crusted pompano are prepared. [Read More]
Discover how the prolific creator of "All in the Family," "The Jeffersons" and "Good Times" effected social change through his groundbreaking sitcoms and activism. [Read More]
Visit Viking ships, and the former homes of composer Edvard Grieg and painter Edvard Much. [Read More]
Visit glass artists, a herring dinner, a sculpture garden and a trendy bar built completely of ice. [Read More]
Twelve amateur bakers enter the competition tent to duplicate Mary Berry's classic cherry cake. [Read More]
Bridget and Julia uncover the secrets to making all-butter pie dough and chocolate cream pie. [Read More]
Nutty and tender pumpkin seed rolls and earthy and hearty Portuguese cornbread are prepared. [Read More]
Phryne hunts for a madman named Murdoch Foyle and discovers his involvement in a reincarnation cult. [Read More]
Unknown Wall Street tycoon Alfred Lee Loomis, who led a double life as a scientist, is profiled. [Read More]
Des Moines) and Iowa House Minority Leader Todd Prichard (D... [Read More]
Rumors that an offer by the U.S. to lift tariffs and reports of expanded Chinese buying moved the corn and soybean markets higher. For the... [Read More]
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Howell: This is the Friday, January 18, 2019 version of the Market Plus segment. Joining us now is Elaine Kub. Elaine, welcome back. Kub: Good... [Read More]
The National Weather Service is caught up in the partial shutdown. Vital data for an upcoming winter storm is being provided even as forecasters remain... [Read More]
As U.S. and Chinese trade officials plan another round of talks, there is a deal in the works to improve poultry exports to China.  The... [Read More]
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