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A new family friendly gathering space centered around food, entertainment and activities is coming to south Reno... [Read More]
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Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong says there students are not in danger after a threat to the high school made its rounds on social media. [Read More]
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Do you get lightheaded a lot? Or black out when you stand up suddenly? October is Dysautonomia Awareness Month. [Read More]
The grant that funds the project has ended, but inmates say they would be devastated if it does not return next year. [Read More]
She's a kid who loves to be active, whether inside or outside. In this Have a Heart Report, meet 12 year old Katie. And... [Read More]
When the U.S. Military Draft ended in 1973, the number of women volunteers increased dramatically. Among the enlisted ranks women make up about 15%. Women... [Read More]
Late last night, a Washoe County jury decided on two life sentences without parole for the man they convicted of a 2010 double murder. [Read More]
The Sparks Police Department is investigating a crash that has closed David James Boulevard off Pyramid Highway. [Read More]
For more than a hundred years, there were girl scouts and there were boy scouts. But now, all of that is changing. [Read More]
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10/16/2017... [Read More]
Westerly flow will keep some haze in the sky, as smoke drifts our way from the California wildfires at times. Warm weather for October is... [Read More]
More cases of viral meningitis are being reported in both Washoe and Lassen counties. [Read More]
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In the last two weeks, four wild horses have been hit and killed by drivers in the Veterans Parkway and Rio Wrangler area. The latest... [Read More]
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