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Takayoshi Noda snapped the amazing scene where bird and bear come face to face, in Kaktovik village, on Barter Island, Alaska. [Read More]
A majority of Gwich'in people remain opposed to drilling on the coastal plain of the Arctic refuge. [Read More]
The Alaskan town of Kaktovik is seeing more polar bears searching for food, and more tourists flocking to catch a glimpse of them. [Read More]
A Kaktovik crew landed a third soon after. [Read More]
Heartwarming images showed the animal standing on two legs and crossing its paws in Kaktovik, Alaska... [Read More]
This adorable polar bear was pictured waving and dancing his own version of the Macarena as a photographer passed it by near the town... [Read More]
A changing climate has flooded all but of the dozen permafrost cellars Kaktovik once used to store whale meat. [Read More]
Traveling across the Arctic isn't easy no matter how you do it, but Palmer, Alaska-based photographer Fredrik Norrsell and his wife, Nancy Pfeiffer, thought the... [Read More]
It's been a constant -30 degrees since I arrived to the far northern reaches of Alaska at the end of February. With heavy winds accentuating... [Read More]
The Norwegian musher, who now lives in Alaska, keeps cross-cultural family traditions alive with long-distance Arctic expeditions. [Read More]
The fuel spill occurred from a ruptured line in the village of Kaktovik, though the cause of the line break is not known. [Read More]
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State and local officials are working to determine the extent of a fuel spill that was discovered Monday in the North Slope village of Kaktovik. [Read More]
A pair of polar bears have been photographed playfully boxing with each other on a snow covered log in Alaska. Christophe Vasselin snapped the bears... [Read More]
The bears that come to Kaktovik are climate refugees, on land because the sea ice they rely on for hunting seals is receding. [Read More]
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Come fall, polar bears are everywhere around this Arctic village, dozing on sand spits, roughhousing in the shallows and attracting hundreds of tourists who travel... [Read More]
Come fall, polar bears are everywhere around this Arctic village, dozing on sand spits, roughhousing in the shallows, padding down the beach with cubs in... [Read More]
Clouds roiled on the horizon, saturated and spitting as six of us waited in the sterile anteroom of the Northern Alaska Tour Co.'s aviation office... [Read More]
I spent a day in the life in a remote Alaskan village perched and saw with my own eyes the animal that has come to... [Read More]
A wildlife photographer captured the young adult male polar bear hunting for food in Kaktovik, Alaska, where the whale bone pile is a permanent fixture... [Read More]
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