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Can you name the freedoms in the First Amendment? [Read More]
It's hard to celebrate the end of New York Fashion Week (NYFW), one of the most iconic weeks of the year centered around fashion, culture... [Read More]
Growing up, I never really gave much thought to the very real possibility of growing up, falling in love and getting married. As a child,... [Read More]
Two women sit at the front of a wildly clapping theater. A film has just finished playing. One woman towards the back of the theater... [Read More]
A tragedy occurred this past week in our country when a Florida high school student took the lives of 19 people on the school's campus.... [Read More]
This week, Asst. News Editor Kayan Tara sat down with senior psychology major Uakea Jose to discuss her work as President of the Creare Service... [Read More]
in coordination with ASLMU - hosted First Amendment Week, featuring events such as Open Mic Night and keynote speaker Jemele Hill (top left and bottom... [Read More]
With billions of dollars being spent on initiatives such as Measure M and two new proposals passed by the L.A. City Council, L.A. has been... [Read More]
The city prepares to shut off water on "Day Zero" as reservoirs reach all time low. [Read More]
The Winter Olympics are in full swing in Pyeongchang and we're seeing incredible displays of athleticism from the U.S.A. curling team as they beat team... [Read More]
Former marathoner and LMU's Business Services Coordinator, Jacqueline Hansen, preparing for a race. [Read More]
The Department of Education has recently confirmed that it is "no longer investigating civil rights complaints from transgender students barred from school bathrooms that match... [Read More]
This week for Lion Street Style, I got the chance to talk fashion with junior film production major Sean Pontikos. Here's what he had to... [Read More]
ESPN's former SportsCenter host and twitter legend Jemele Hill will discuss the First Amendment, race, gender, sports and more. Hill, who was a presenter at... [Read More]
Bread and Roses is a homeless cafe based in Venice, CA. Volunteering with them through the Belles Service Organization has been an enlightening experience for... [Read More]
Valentine's Day has traditionally been a day of love, chocolates and an incredible amount of cutesy pictures that any single person would scoff at. The... [Read More]
Former professional football player, Ryan Leaf, shares his personal story. [Read More]
This Valentine's Day, we have made it our mission here at The Bluff to help students find those missed connections that happen so often in... [Read More]
Now that the February New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is over, we'll have to wait quite some time for new fashion inspiration and runway-ready looks.... [Read More]
We've already given our recommendations for the top five places around campus to bring your date, but it's been a few days after Valentine's Day... [Read More]
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