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No, you are not seeing double and she is not twins. Lisa Little simply works two very different jobs in Lebanon on opposite sides of... [Read More]
According to MoDOT, motorists should expect to encounter stopped or slow-moving trucks with flashing lights along the work zone area. [Read More]
Laclede County Coroner Steve Murrell told the county commission on Thursday he needed a new handheld radio and a repeater system for his safety on... [Read More]
A 33-year-old Lebanon man was handcuffed, beaten and left bleeding in a Stoutland home while his assailants took off in his truck, according to a... [Read More]
The litterbugs who spent six decades dumping trash into a Laclede County sinkhole probably weren't thinking of water quality, but according to Klaus Leidenfrost, that... [Read More]
A change to Missouri law now requires the county's election authority to publish a notice of non-election when an equal number of candidates file for... [Read More]
Laclede Electric Cooperative monitors several weather forecasting models to stay informed of any potential events which could create problems for the electric power system. Over... [Read More]
U.S. Route 36 stretches for 200 miles across the flat farmland of northern Missouri, connecting Kansas to Illinois. At one end is the Pony Express... [Read More]
"What I'd like to say first," Stan O'Daniel stated when he sat down for an interview in the Laclede County field office of the Missouri... [Read More]
The Lebanon area is expected to see some heavy rainfall this week, but ice shouldn't be a major concern, according to the National Weather Service... [Read More]
ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Work begins today to rehabilitate six elevators at four MetroLink stations in downtown St. Louis. The work starts today at the Laclede's... [Read More]
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