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Another beautiful day in Havasu... [Read More]
Editor: Much is being made about forcing 150 million plus Americans to give up their existing employer health insurance coverage. Democratic presidential candidates are in... [Read More]
Editor: This is in response to Ed Rampell's ridiculous comments about having law-abiding citizens purchase Gun Insurance. Doesn't this California bozo understand that gun laws... [Read More]
The Mohave County Fair starts in a few weeks, but good luck finding anybody who knows much about it in Lake Havasu City. Despite being... [Read More]
Former Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen called President Donald Trump's reported idea of buying Greenland, a self-governed Danish territory, an out-of-season April's Fool joke.... [Read More]
In every election campaign, there comes a point when cruel reality intrudes, forcing candidate and staff to confront the growing likelihood that victory is out... [Read More]
As China and its unruly possession Hong Kong teeter on the edge of catastrophe, President Trump has issued a series of messages with a common... [Read More]
Shortly before Congress adjourned for its summer break, what it aggrandizingly likes to refer to as "constituent work days," the House of Representatives passed a... [Read More]
Last week, Arizona joined a small but growing number of other states in trying to end a detestable pattern of violence and murder inflicted on... [Read More]
Editor: Now that the gun law craze is back again, I have a few questions. In your Monday edition,"Suburban voters pressuring Republicans...", what I read... [Read More]
Writer wrong on guns... [Read More]
Another beautiful day in Havasu... [Read More]
The marginal tax rate for pass-through businesses is 37.3 percent in the state of Arizona. That makes it the 34th highest of the 50 states... [Read More]
Interstate 40 is the deadliest highway in Arizona. An average of 35 fatal crashes take place on this freeway each year. [Read More]
The Lake Havasu Unified School District's board of directors is expected to vote Tuesday on whether to provide sex education to students. [Read More]
Another beautiful day in Havasu... [Read More]
Editor: I read with interest the recent article on nuclear waste shipments on Mohave County roads that describes some of the ways safe highway shipment... [Read More]
I know who filled the El Paso mass shooter's head with murderous thoughts! Contrary to the conclusions of The New York Times' Jeremy Peters, it... [Read More]
Tuesday's governing board meeting of the Lake Havasu Unified School District is sure to attract a broad audience because the sex education for students is... [Read More]
Truly, there's no place like home, especially when one is ill. [Read More]
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