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LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa.– Police are searching for a man while another is in custody after allegedly scamming a victim out of $6,000 in a paving... [Read More]
East Earl Township Police have charged a 45-year-old New Hampshire man with theft by deception after they say he took $6,000 from a victim in... [Read More]
Maurice R. Ouellette, 92, of Milan, New Hampshire, passed away on Thursday, July 26, 2018, at the Weeks Medical Center in Lancaster, New Hampshire. He... [Read More]
Some say the heat is causing a road to melt in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. [Read More]
A painting by Charlie Hunter of the former Robertson Paper Company in Bellows Falls. SAXTONS RIVER — Artist Charlie Hunter is coming in from the... [Read More]
Police in New Hampshire warned the public Tuesday afternoon about a herd of bison that got loose from a nearby farm. [Read More]
News, weather, traffic and sports for Harrisburg, Pa. Also York, Lancaster and Lebanon | WHTM-TV, ABC... [Read More]
A man on vacation in the Caribbean found a message in a bottle on the beach. He's since returned it to the daughter of the... [Read More]
Thermacore Inc. has been sold by its management to Aavid Thermalloy for an undisclosed price. [Read More]
A New Hampshire car dealer is offering each buyer a free AR-15 assault rifle, a type of weapon similar to the one used in the... [Read More]
A New Hampshire car dealer is offering each buyer a free AR-15 assault rifle, a type of weapon similar to the one used in the... [Read More]
A fascinating piece of history is going up for auction in Amherst, New Hampshire.  It's: a four-page love letter, written by President John F. Kennedy... [Read More]
The Republican race will center on Fargo, North Dakota, this weekend, where Republican leaders and party activists will pick 25 delegates to the Republican National... [Read More]
Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto condemned Republican front-runner Donald Trump's rhetoric on Mexico and said that the billionaire has damaged the relationship between the U.S.... [Read More]
When it comes to primary elections, Iowa and New Hampshire certainly are important, but they don't make or break campaigns — that's the job of... [Read More]
The Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary are largely considered to be underrepresentative of average America. [Read More]
Three things you need to know on Wednesday, February 10. A Lancaster Parking garage expansion hasn't been approved. A local resident is on the New... [Read More]
Secret Service agents were crawling all over Manheim Township resident Chip Burgess' hotel on Tuesday. [Read More]
Sanders and Trump projected to win NH primary by NBC... [Read More]
A law firm is launching an investigation in the deadly circus tent collapse in New Hampshire. The state fire marshal says it's unclear why... [Read More]
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