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A driver who missed his turn ended up crashing through a wall and into a food truck, where the car burst into flames. [Read More]
NPR's Scott Simon talks to author Julian Barnes about his new novel The Only Story. It's about an aging Englishman and the memory of the... [Read More]
NPR's Scott Simon talks sports with ESPN's Howard Bryant. They'll cover the surprises of the NBA playoffs so far and the historically hot start by... [Read More]
Worries have increased since Facebook's CEO testified on Capitol Hill. NPR's Scott Simon talks to Om Malik, a partner at a capital firm in Silicon... [Read More]
NPR's Scott Simon talks with Vanity Fair contributing editor Bethany McLean about the $1 billion fine that Wells Fargo will have to pay for overcharging... [Read More]
NPR's Scott Simon speaks to Tamer El-Ghobashy, Baghdad bureau chief of The Washington Post about the city of Raqqa, which is still in a state... [Read More]
NPR's Scott Simon talks to Rich Lowry, editor of the National Review, about his take on former FBI Director James Comey's publicity blitz. Comey's new... [Read More]
NPR's Scott Simon talks to David Kang, a professor at the University of Southern California, about North Korea's announcement that it will shut down its... [Read More]
NPR's Scott Simon talks to Laura Veirs of Portland, Ore., about her new album, The Lookout. She says it addresses the fleeting beauty of life... [Read More]
The new book Blackfish City tells of a near future that's both dystopian and utopian all at once. NPR's Scott Simon talks to Sam J.... [Read More]
NPR's Scott Simon pays his respects to Carl Kasell. The beloved NPR newscaster and "public radio ambassador" died earlier this week. He was 84. [Read More]
Each spring, a few lucky Maine fishermen have the chance to make a lot of money catching baby eels, known as elvers, to sell to... [Read More]
Alaska has a sexual assault rate 3 times the national average and a child sex assault rate 6 times. NPR's Scott Simon discusses that with... [Read More]
NPR's Scott Simon talks to Trevor Phillips, co-author of: Windrush: The Irresistible Rise of Multi-racial Britain. The U.K. is roiled by revelations of the Windrush... [Read More]
The chilled relations between Cuba and the White House has left the U.S. embassy running on a shoe-string operation. Cubans hoping to travel to the... [Read More]
President Trump tweeted the North Korean news that it was suspending nuclear tests was "big progress." Agreeing to meet with Kim Jong Un was a... [Read More]
U.S. negotiators from the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations have been fooled before by North Korean promises before. [Read More]
President Donald Trump's beleaguered choice for his second secretary of state faces its first test Monday as the Senate Foreign Relations Committee holds a confirmation... [Read More]
The Supreme Court will close out arguments for the term on Wednesday by weighing the constitutionality of President Trump's third attempt to block nationals from... [Read More]

A study published Thursday confirmed that the cracks identified on Mars' surface last year by the Curiosity rover are indeed evidence of ancient lakes that... [Read More]

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