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Has anyone noticed if the slideshow in Photos stops after a while, even though it is set on repeat? At first I thought it had... [Read More]
Apple posted three new commercials showing Apple Pay Cash being used by family members to share costs and directly pay for stuff. [Read More]
Other World Computing publishes a blog for customers called Rocket Yard.  Here's a link to one from December by Tom Nelson covering Mojave. [Read More]
macOS Mojave has a lot of nice new features. John Lists five of his favorites that make life better for him. [Read More]
We have a deal on the Anker Soundcore Flare Bluetooth Speaker, with back-to-back drivers and Bluetooth 4.2 support. It's $59.99 through us. [Read More]
Alphabet-owned company Waymo announced it will open the world's first Level 4 autonomous vehicle factory in Michigan. [Read More]
Egypt's Prime Minister said he wants Apple to increase its presence in his country, despite an ongoing row over iPhone prices there. [Read More]
"Cyber war has begun" according to French Defence Secretary Florence Parly, who emphasized the country's offensive cyber capabilities. [Read More]
Walmart is currently selling a cheap iPhone 6, 32GB and refurbished, for US$69.99. It comes with a 90-day warranty. [Read More]
There's more to the bounty hunter location data story that Motherboard reported on earlier this month, with a company called Zumigo. [Read More]
David Murphy shared a cool tip that lets you set more precise times in iOS Calendar, instead of times that increment by five minutes. [Read More]
Gatwick and other European airpots are going to trial the use of valet parking robots, following a succesful trial at Charles De Gaulle. [Read More]
Journalist Yoolim Lee ordered a lift via Grab in March 2018 and was in an accident. It got her asking questions about ride-hailing services. [Read More]
Google engineers have proposed changes to Chromium that would break Chrome ad blockers. In unrelated news Firefox just got 50 million users. [Read More]
According to disclosure forms Apple filed with the Office of the Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives, the company spent US$6.6 million lobbying the... [Read More]
A new film shot on an iPhone XS tells the story of one of American Samoa's NFL wannabes and a lone palm tree. [Read More]
This website is a hub with links for over 40 companies to opt out of data sharing practices they have. It's a helpful resource to... [Read More]
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AirPods 2 are rumored to launch in the first half of 2019, and could be redesigned to have health monitoring features. [Read More]
I checked for the update using the system preferences pane, but didn't get the update, so.....I downloaded the combo updater.    I started the update,... [Read More]
The 2013 Mac Pro and AMD FirePro D300 GPU have had their share of OS glitches over the years. John thinks Mojave is the best... [Read More]
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