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When Issa Rae popped up with a ring on her finger on her Essence cover, folks wondered if she got engaged. We think we know... [Read More]
The rapper posted a lengthy Instagram response to critics who blasted her over an old video where she admitted to robbing and drugging men. [Read More]
The daughter of actor Kristoff St. John is contesting a handwritten will that her grandfather found weeks after her father's death. [Read More]
On Instagram Live, Tweet and her daughter said they're done with the church, which made us wonder about her relationship with Jamal Bryant. [Read More]
Abrams shared details regarding the rumors that her and the former Vice President are considering a 2020 run. [Read More]
In an Instagram Live video, "Love & Hip Hop" star Tokyo Vanity said that today's cartoons are teaching children to be gay...No, sis. [Read More]
Rohan Marley and Barbara have known each other for years but kept their relationship a secret. They wed in her hometown of Montes Claros. [Read More]
In a stunning move, charges against Jussie Smollett pertaining to him allegedly filing a false police report were dropped. Find out why. [Read More]
A Black female student was subjected to a horrible racist incident on March 15 at Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Manhattan, New York. [Read More]
Do you want clear skin and smooth pores? Click here to find five of the best toners for different skin types. [Read More]
After voicemails from his mistress surfaced, John Gray released a new statement saying he didn't sleep with anyone and to leave his wife out of... [Read More]
If you're like me, then you know that PMS-onset depression can cause these thoughts. [Read More]
Kim Burrell tried to uplift singer Le'andria by tearing down Fantasia, and social media let her know that she was completely out of line. [Read More]
Cantu's new styling gels promise definition and hold without crunch, flaking or itch and they might be the first product to live up to that. [Read More]
Lupita Nyong'o doesn't play around when it comes to her natural styles. Stylist Camille Friend shares how Sisterlocks were chosen for "Us." [Read More]
There is the man you want and the man you deserve, find out the signs to look for to avoid future heartache. [Read More]
Take care of that area and it will take care of you. Here are natural oils to put beneath your eyes. [Read More]
Here are ways moms say motherhood won't change them, but it does. And that's okay. [Read More]
The Los Angeles District Attorney's office decided not to prosecute, claiming the case contained a lack of evidence. [Read More]
It looks like Williams will be making a comeback for "Basketball Wives" season 8, but will her return be well-received? [Read More]
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