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I have to take exception with the story on Aug. 21 regarding the "free speech" rally in Boston. The event organizers claim that we counter-... [Read More]
Perhaps Mr. Trump should be as aggressive toward the white supremacists and Nazis as he is toward the peace-loving immigrants. Since he wasn't in the... [Read More]
Well done, President Trump. I am all in favor of your pardon of Sheriff Arpaio. I can hear the liberals and RINOs (Republicans in Name... [Read More]
My name is Tucker Conley, and I am the chairperson-elect of Speaking Up For Us (, Maine's self-advocacy organization for adults living with intellectual and/or... [Read More]
The article "Pro-Trump commentary tunes out critics" (Page B1, July 30) did a good job of explaining how one of our oldest and most beloved... [Read More]
Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2017: Confederate flag removal, redefining welfare, Sheriff Arpaio abused Latinos. Maine news, sports, politics and election results,... [Read More]
Paperwork in place for Trump to pardon ex-Sheriff Arpaio - National News The necessary legal paperwork is in place for President Trump to pardon former... [Read More]
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