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Attention all you luddites. Yes, it is possible to participate in 21st century technology while still maintaining the #aesthetic of classic, traditional productsThese wooden headphones... [Read More]
The Galaxy S9 and S9+ are the best smartphones Samsung's ever made, but its next flagship release, the Note 9, could be even better.  ... [Read More]
Your time in college was well spent, but if you're expecting to leave campus equipped with all the skills you need to survive in the... [Read More]
Wireless headphones are the way of the future, but some of us are slow to change. Maybe you bought one of those jack-free iPhones, but... [Read More]
Slovakian engineering company AeroMobil saw its dreams of launching a flying car literally crash almost three years ago, but the company is back at it... [Read More]
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Days after news dropped that Facebook data was once again used for a shady electioneering plot, people are turning to Google. Their ask? How to... [Read More]
Early Monday morning, an Uber-owned Volvo in autonomous mode struck and killed a pedestrian. The vehicle had a human driver behind the wheel when the... [Read More]
LeviZen can levitate water. No, it's not magic. Read more...More about Science, Technology, Mashable Video, Water, and Sound... [Read More]
The 'Internet Archive' just released their Handheld History Collection. It's chock-full of your favorite pocket LCD games from the 80's and 90's, but the best... [Read More]
You're going down, Face ID. Researchers from Fudan University in China, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Indiana University, and Alibaba Inc. have created a... [Read More]
In the wake of Facebook's massive data privacy scandal, Mark Zuckerberg told CNN Tuesday night that he might not be the best person to testify... [Read More]
Instagram is constantly rolling out new features and it can be kinda hard to keep up with them. Here are 5 tips that may help... [Read More]
Trust me, you don't want to search "guns" on PornHub.  But if you do, these days, the search will yield more than just your... [Read More]
Snap Maps is now famous for providing a lens into disasters and movements. But along with sharing those moments, Snapchat is doubling down on being... [Read More]
The Google Assistant just learned another new trick: Sending money to your friends. The new peer-to-peer money transfer feature lets iOS and Android users... [Read More]
In an increasingly cashless world, the need to carry physical money is rapidly on the way out. And, one institution that previously relied on physical... [Read More]
Instagram, sadly, is most likely never going to go back to the good ole days of a chronological feed. But to appease us, the Facebook-owned... [Read More]
No matter where you live, a universal remote can help you achieve full couch potato status, so allow Logitech to deliver. Save 53% on... [Read More]
Google's war on autoplaying videos in Chrome continues.  Chrome 64, released in December, gave users the ability to mute annoying autoplay videos on an... [Read More]
the malicious practice of hijacking one's computer resources to mine cryptocurrencies - has taken off in a big way near the end of last year. ... [Read More]
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