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 FBI director James Comey very likely was the final shove in defeating Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. There were numerous accomplices, including President Donald... [Read More]
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It was "Comey week" in America, as fired FBI Director James Comey made loads of media appearances to talk about his new book "A Higher... [Read More]
President Donald Trump told former FBI Director James Comey that he had serious concerns about the judgment of his first national security adviser, Michael Flynn,... [Read More]
 Come walk with me. Today we are accepting a post-publication, book-peddling challenge that was issued as a footnote, of sorts.Fired FBI Director James Comey has... [Read More]
Watching the testosterone-laden diatribe between two "masters of the universe" types, former FBI Director James Comey and President Donald Trump, is beyond ridiculous, In one... [Read More]
Political strategists Jamal Simmons and John Brabender discuss the war of words between President Trump and former FBI Director James Comey. [Read More]
Former FBI Director James Comey is probably going to sell a lot of books. But his new-found fortune and fame is going to exact a... [Read More]
In an interview with NPR, former FBI Director James Comey said the FBI's reputation "would be worse today had we not picked the least bad... [Read More]
Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey says in his self-aggrandizing tell-all out today, "This president is unethical, and untethered to truth and institutional values. His... [Read More]
Sunday night former FBI director James Comey appeared in his first TV interview since President Trump fired him. [Read More]
Reaction continues Monday in Washington over the explosive new book from Former FBI Director James Comey. [Read More]
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