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Leon Cain a student at Stanford Law School was found unresponsive in the early morning hours of Aug. 19 in Washington D.C. [Read More]
We've rounded up 10 household names who got their law degrees from schools outside—way outside—the so-called T-14. [Read More]
Ill-conceived moves by four firms jeopardize Middle Law's long-term health. [Read More]
Winston & Strawn Chairman Tom Fitzgerald discusses the reasons behind his firm's move to boost associate salaries. Plus senior editor Brian Baxter shares what's... [Read More] [Read More]
The decision paves the way for schools nationwide to more easily use the GRE and other tests besides the Law School Admission Test. [Read More]
Volatility is the new normal for America's biggest law firms. How should law firm managers cope with the ups and downs? [Read More]
Six law campuses have shuttered or soon will close up shop and more are likely to follow suit. Here's a look back at recent closures. [Read More]
Latham & Watkins didn't have much time to enjoy being the first firm to shatter the $3 billion gross revenue mark in the Am Law... [Read More]
Good things come to those who wait but waiting is a drag right? We've got a preview for you of's annual Go-To Law Schools... [Read More]
The legal industry now faces similar pressures from clients on billing models that the consulting industry previously confronted. [Read More]
The global accounting giants continue to expand into legal services. Should you be worried? [Read More]
Is it time for a union between a traditional law firm and an alternative player like Axiom or UnitedLex? [Read More]
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A former classmate of Matthew Riehl who killed a Colorado deputy Sunday in a shooting spree said that while at law school Riehl left a... [Read More]
Yes innovation is a tired buzzword and a law firm marketing clichÃ... [Read More]
Managing a law firm means planning for the future. Shouldn't that involve a voice for those who have the longest future at the firm? [Read More]
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A superseding criminal complaint filed against Jeffrey Wertkin on Wednesday includes three new counts—two for obstruction of justice and a third for interstate transport of... [Read More]
Rosenthal Rosenthal Rasco Kaplan split has former partner asking for judicial dissolution. [Read More]
Did that firm, or the federal government, have a duty to warn Bradley about an investigation? [Read More]
Amid growing demands for a special session on medical marijuana and harsh criticism of lawmakers' failure to reach agreement on the issue, Senate President J... [Read More]
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