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It's not often that the national anthem is the most memorable part of a professional sports game, but that was the case with this year's... [Read More]
Fans clamoring for Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow to get her own movie may be in luck. 'Avengers: Infinity War' co-star Chris Evans seemingly let the... [Read More]
'Three Billboards' also took home four other awards... [Read More]
Yesssssss! 'Thor: Ragnarok' is just one of the many cool titles available this week. [Read More]
Raise your boomsticks to celebrate this cult fave's 25th anniversary. [Read More]
'You're my boy, Blue!'... [Read More]
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Treat yo'self to some vintage nostalgia. [Read More]
Not even Disney was ready for how big this movie is. [Read More]
'Yippee ki yay, [insert expletive here].'... [Read More]
Marvel and Star Wars junkies? This list is for you. [Read More]
Awkward! Yes, they're dating. Just don't ask them about it. [Read More]
Yes, Maggie finally has her own man! And he'll soon meet Mer and Amelia. [Read More]
*Technically* she's not an official Disney princess, but nobody cares. [Read More]
Also, she admitted her top was 'accidentally undone' during Amy Schumer's wedding. [Read More]
Hope you got enough popcorn. [Read More]
Oops! One Atlanta fan taped the (hilarious) confusion, which lasted five minutes. [Read More]
The gang's all back together... [Read More]
Finish him! [Read More]
That means the Oscars will definitely have a funny moment this year. [Read More]
The 'Lion King' director takes a break for a quick cameo. [Read More]
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