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Natchitoches, Red River and Sabine are among several parishes that will receive federal funding due to damage caused by Tropical Storm Harvey. [Read More]
President Trump has approved disaster declarations for Natchitcohes, Sabine and Red River Parishes for damage sustained from Tropical Storm Harvey. [Read More]
Tropical Storm Harvey created the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes in the Brazos County... [Read More]
The rain from tropical storm Harvey may be long gone, but concerns about flooding along the Sabine River during severe weather remains. Lydia Magallanes attended... [Read More]
While others run from danger, first responders run toward it, and it was no different during Tropical Storm Harvey. [Read More]
Local restaurant, Catfish Charlie's, conducted a fundraiser to benefit those affected by Tropical Storm Harvey from Friday, September 1st through Monday, September, ... [Read More]
Several residents from across the Lake Area have come together in an effort to help those affected by Tropical Storm Harvey. [Read More]
A World War II veteran evacuated from Orange, Texas during Tropical Storm Harvey, grabbing everything be could including a bible his late wife gave to... [Read More]
After Tropical Storm Harvey hit the Houston area, officers from across the state came to the city's aid. At least six different departments from North... [Read More]
A couple separated by Tropical Storm Harvey utilize pluck and FaceTime to be together for the delivery of their newborn son. [Read More]
KTAL NBC 6 is teaming up with the American Red Cross to help raise money for victims of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey. [Read More]
Tropical Storm Harvey took a toll on what was expected to be the best month for U.S. auto sales in 2017. But the disastrous floods... [Read More]
Beaumont and Houston residents thank the Arklamiss for helping recovering their water supply after the devastation of Tropical Storm Harvey. [Read More]
Tropical Storm Harvey is gone, but remnants from its path of destruction are everywhere. [Read More]
The storm may have passed, but the floods caused by Tropical Storm Harvey remain. [Read More]
The remnants of tropical storm Harvey continued to be felt days after the storm moved out of Texas. Near Ashland City, Tennessee, where the system... [Read More]
The remnants of Tropical Storm Harvey are being felt in other areas of the country. [Read More]
90 people were bused into Shreveport after their towns were flooded in Tropical Storm Harvey. Many from the small town of Vidor, Texas. [Read More]
As drivers in the Ark--La--Miss hit the road for Labor Day weekend, their wallets are taking a hit at the gas pump. [Read More]
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