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Hundreds of thousands of students, teachers, parents and victims gathered in Washington, D.C., and across the country on Saturday to rally for tougher gun control... [Read More]
Directors Chapman and Maclain Way explore the Rajneeshees — a cult behind the largest U.S. act of bioterrorism — in their new Netflix documentary mini-series,... [Read More]
President Trump's firing of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson over Twitter is not common practice, but some workers say dismissal sometimes comes with a healthy... [Read More]
On the day the Austin bomber killed himself, the city's acting police chief described him as a "challenged young man" — not a terrorist. That... [Read More]
NPR's Sarah McCammon asks Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro about the omnibus spending bill signed by president Trump yesterday — and its failure to address DACA. [Read More]
NPR's Sarah McCammon asks military law expert Gerry Healy about President Trump's latest policy restricting military service by transgender troops. [Read More]
President Trump's steel and aluminum tariffs are aimed at fulfilling a campaign promise to bring back jobs, but they've led to layoffs at a Pennsylvania... [Read More]
Sparked by outrage over the Parkland, Fla., school shooting, hundreds of thousands of demonstrators converge on the nation's capital to demand gun regulation in an... [Read More]
As hundreds of thousands converge on Washington to demand gun control, we hear from demonstrators at sister "March for Our Lives" events across the U.S.... [Read More]
NoMBe is Noah McBeth. Originally from Germany, Noah came to the U.S. with a one-way ticket. Now he's out with his debut album. [Read More]
In Washington, D.C., for the "March For Our Lives," students from Parkland, Fla., visited Thurgood Marshall Academy to share experiences with local students and offer... [Read More]
Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit... [Read More]
Massive crowds descended upon Washington, D.C., and across the nation Saturday to march for gun control in the U.S., galvanized by the deadly shooting at... [Read More]
In preparation for New Orleans' 300th anniversary, Mayor Mitch Landrieu is confronting the racism that has shaped our nation. In his new memoir, he chronicles... [Read More]
Actress Cynthia Nixon announced her run for New York governor against incumbent Andrew Cuomo. NPR's Scott Simon talks to Brigid Bergin, politics reporter at WNYC,... [Read More]
The NCAA men's tournament is down to eight teams, and baseball makes an unexpected entry in the omnibus spending bill. [Read More]
Egypt has a presidential election starting Monday, but the winner is almost certain already: Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. And tight restrictions limit discussion of other options. [Read More]
President Trump has announced new rules banning certain transgender people from serving in the military. The new policy replaces the administration's earlier ban on transgender... [Read More]
A woman got a message from a stranger who found her wallet — almost 50 years after it was stolen. A construction worker renovating the... [Read More]
Scott Simon asks Matt Purple, managing editor of "The American Conservative," why he calls new national security adviser John Bolton one of the "most dangerous... [Read More]
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