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NPR's Michel Martin talks about the rising rates of suicide among teens and law enforcement officers with three experts: Sgt. Kevin Briggs, Jonathan Singer and... [Read More]
A new movie in France fictionalizes the Kurdish women's brigades and the role they played in helping to defeat ISIS. [Read More]
NPR's Michel Martin speaks with Washington, D.C., Councilmember Anita Bonds about her co-sponsored bill to decriminalize sex work. [Read More]
NPR's Michel Martin speaks with the editor-at-large of Recode, Kara Swisher, about Mark Zuckerberg's controversial speech at Georgetown University on Facebook's policy governing political ads. [Read More]
A handful of colleges around the country charge zero dollars for tuition. To make the math work, they build their budgets around the concept that... [Read More]
NPR's Noel King speaks to Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang and undecided voters, who pressed Yang on his candidacy and how he'll garner enough support... [Read More]
NPR's Michel Martin speaks with journalist Bob Hennelly, who has spent years covering New York politics, about former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who is a central... [Read More]
More witnesses are expected to speak with lawmakers this week as part of the impeachment inquiry. One of them is the current top U.S. diplomat... [Read More]
NPR's Michel Martin speaks with comedian Ali Wong about her new book, Dear Girls: Intimate Tales, Untold Secrets and Advice for Living Your Best Life. [Read More]
The acting White House chief of staff denied what he previously said: that defense funding to Ukraine was frozen in part over the demand that... [Read More]
The tragic early morning training exercise also resulted in three other soldiers being hospitalized. The incident involved the Bradley Fighting Vehicle on which they were... [Read More]
His visit to restart peace talks with the Taliban comes amid debate about the role of U.S. troops in the region after Trump quickly began... [Read More]
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Axton Betz-Hamilton was 12 when her family's mail began disappearing. Her memoir details what follows and, when she discovers the culprit, the painful process of... [Read More]
Images by photographer Néha Hirve document how activists squatting in the 12,000-year-old Hambach Forest are fighting an energy company's encroachment. [Read More]
Is it an animal? A type of fungi? No, it's "the blob." The amorphous "slime mold" may not have a nervous system, but it's the... [Read More]
As the climate warms, many U.S. lakes are seeing more algal blooms, low oxygen levels and stressed-out fish species. One research team in Oregon hopes... [Read More]
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NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro talks with Ben Crump, a lawyer for the families of many black Americans killed by police, about his new book Open Season:... [Read More]
MyShake is a new app that provides early earthquake warning to Californians. NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro talks to one of the app's developers, Richard Allen, director... [Read More]
Turkey's invasion of northern Syria following the U.S. abandonment of their Kurdish allies there has put the spotlight on an ethnic group that has long... [Read More]
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What has been a uniquely chaotic administration put even more chaos on display last week. [Read More]
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